Soulmate Relationships vs Dysfunctional Relationships

Many soulmate relationships turn into dysfunctional relationships. But not all dysfunctional relationships are soulmate connections.

It can be confusing because there are many similarities between soulmate relationships and dysfunctional ones. Both types of relationships have tons of drama.

Many times the path they’re on resemble a roller coaster ride. The highs are really great. But the lows are the epitome of misery.

In both soulmate and dysfunctional relationships each person has a very hard time letting go. Intense emotions make people in dysfunctional relationships believe they put up with it all because the person is their soulmate.

This is not always true.


A soulmate union can make you change in ways you never thought possible. You find yourself doing and saying things that are alien to you. The same thing happens in dysfunctional unions.

Logical, strong-minded people feel as if they’re going insane. Everything about the feelings as well as the relationship make no sense to them. They’re afraid to discuss the relationship because they fear what others will think of them. This is common in both soulmate and dysfunctional relationships. Now that we have discussed the many similarities, we’ll address the differences.


The challenges may be the same in both types of relationships. The reason for those challenges is different. For a soulmate partnership, the challenges are to grow, change and evolve. These changes will eventually bring out the best in both of them. A strictly dysfunctional relationship faces many challenges, but for another reason.

Soulmate Relationships vs Dysfunctional Relationships
Soulmate Relationships vs Dysfunctional Relationships

These relationships are to teach you which connections are wrong for you. The sole purpose is to learn what not to do, what not to put up with and to realize you deserve more than you’re getting. Usually you learn how to walk away from the wrong thing. These relationships, unlike soulmate unions, have no real chance at working out.


The connection between soulmates and dysfunctional couples seems to be similar. You have a hard time letting go, and the pain hurts more that you could imagine. You can’t stop thinking and obsessing about them.

The connection between soulmates can give them the strength to rise above their challenges and learn their lessons. The connection provides assistance to each member of the couple and gives them faith in the relationship.

In purely dysfunctional relationships, the connection is different. Instead of giving strength, it makes them weak. They feel powerless and keep making excuses to enable the relationship to stay chaotic. Then the relationship continues to get more and more out of control.

It may be very hard to distinguish a soulmate relationship from a strictly dysfunctional one. This can be due to so many people in strictly dysfunctional relationships using the label of soulmates as an excuse for the dysfunction.

We are here to help. Whether yours is a soulmate or dysfunctional relationship (or both) we can give you an unbiased assessment of what kind of relationship you are in and what needs to be done about it.

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