The Memory of a Soulmate and How It Affects You

The memory of a soulmate affects different people in different ways.

For some, the memory of a soulmate keeps them wondering what went wrong in their relationship. They can obsess on what they did wrong or what they could have done differently. Some also wonder if the whole thing was a figment of their imagination. For people like that, the memory of a soulmate keeps them from moving forward.


Even people in soulmate relationships that are in a very dysfunctional state, allow the memory of good times to cloud their judgement. They remember the time when things were good and believe that’s how things should be. In a only a matter of time they will be again, if they just hang in there. They hope being loving toward their soulmate will in turn cause them to return that love.

In many cases, just hanging in there, and being loving, makes things worse for the couple. It is rewarding bad behavior, which is never a good idea. That’s not to say you have to act horribly towards them. However, you do have to address their toxic behavior.

Sometimes the memory of how things were during good times holds people back from facing what really needs to be done to make the relationship better. Forget about the past for now. Don’t even focus so much on the future.

The Memory of a Soulmate and How It Affects You
The Memory of a Soulmate and How It Affects You

You need to put your attention on the present. Because this is what will shape your relationship going forward. Look at the problems you’re currently facing. It’s time to look for new ways to create change. Stop using the behaviors you used in the past. Those clearly didn’t work.

Stop contributing to the dysfunction in your relationship. Instead, set about creating a new improved relationship. You may be in for the fight of your life, but it’s a fight you can win. You need to be brave, just like you want your soulmate to be. If you want your soulmate to be strong, well you have to be strong too.


What do you think your soulmate’s memory of you is? Do they think you’ve changed? Have you lost their respect? If you have, then you can look back and see where you let go of your self-respect. Vow to not do that ever again, not even for your soulmate.

Do not sink to lower levels like your soulmate has. Rise above them and only deal with them when they come up to your level. So many soulmates get numerous chances to get things right. Don’t use up all your chances making the same mistakes over and over again.

Sometimes the memory of a soulmate purposely keeps you from moving on because your soulmate will be returning. The universe triggers your soulmate memories to keep you from making a mistake or being involved with someone you shouldn’t be. Sometimes the memory of a soulmate, although painful, can save you from more pain down the line.

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7 thoughts on “The Memory of a Soulmate and How It Affects You”

  1. It did not work out between us, and the memories are still strong. When I find myself thinking of the good times I force myself to remember the bad. It helps put it back into perspective.

  2. I have so many memories of my time with my soulmate. I know I will never forget them but I understand my mistakes and theirs looking back.


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