Doubting Your Soulmate Connection

Do you find yourself doubting your soulmate connection?

This isn’t entirely surprising to us or many of our readers. Many people find themselves in various situations where they doubt their soulmate connection exists. The feelings are so deep right off the bat, they don’t make sense.

Of course it feels great to be swept away by the emotion of such a strong connection. But it also feels foreign. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before or since.


How can something like this be real? It makes no sense. You haven’t known this person long but it feels you’ve known them forever. You’ve been in love before. But this is so much more and on numerous levels. Will this feeling last? Can someone feel like this forever? Yes, and yes.

Don’t begin doubting your soulmate connection.

This is what encountering your soulmate is like at the beginning. As the relationship progresses, you may find yourselves doubting the connection again. Why?

Doubting Your Soulmate Connection
Doubting Your Soulmate Connection

Well as lessons present themselves and deep issues come to the surface, chaos and drama will as well. What was once a perfect relationship has now become something you hardly recognize. You may both find yourselves doubting the connection ever existed. Because if it did, how did it come to this?


If this is a true union of souls why has it gone so wrong all of a sudden? Why has your soulmate changed? And why won’t they make the changes necessary to improve the relationship? Is the connection broken? Not at all.

In reality you’re both avoiding the growth you are to experience on your journey together. Changes should be made, but instead you’re both resisting. Rather than going through the process to improve yourselves and your relationship, you’re heading toward a dysfunctional mess. People in this situation focus so much on how their soulmate changed. Or that they won’t change instead of looking at themselves.

Well they changed too, whether they realize it or not. They’re playing a part in this as well by contributing and enabling their soulmate and their bad choices. They don’t realize their soulmate brought about within them in reaction to these bad choices. Until both take a long hard look at what the universe brings to their attention, the relationship suffers. The connection is still there, it’s just being used the wrong way.

Soulmates are not supposed to hurt each other, although they often do. Not because they don’t love each other. It’s simply because they refuse, for the moment, to learn their lessons.


Originally posted on 2018-06-26 @ 6:01 pm

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