Soulmate Union is a Sacred Union

Soulmate union is a sacred union between two souls.

When soulmates unite, and both willing to work on the relationship, it becomes a divine partnership.

We call it a divine union because it’s the union of two souls. Many claim a soul may lift into a union with a soulmate, so close and so complete, it loses the sense of any separate existence. And this is the true design of the soulmate experience. Once soulmate union is achieved, it’s much easier to maintain and sustain the soul connection.


For most soulmate couples, achieving soulmate union is the final stage of the soulmate journey. And it’s definitely the most satisfying place to be. Most soulmates go through the fire, so to speak, and apply life lessons for relationship, spiritual and individual success.

They can go through periods of denying the connection, sabotaging the relationship or flat out fleeing from it. This dysfunctional behavior can prevent the divine partnership from moving forward. And many soulmate couples must endure this roller coaster ride before achieving union.

Soulmate Union is a Sacred Union
Soulmate Union is a Sacred Union

If each soulmate does their own internal work of personal and spiritual growth, it will make this process so much easier. And for both soulmates. To fully experience unconditional with another, it makes sense to apply that love to yourself first.

This is done through self love. So what issues in your life do you need to address? Are you insecure, controlling or needy? Do you know why these characteristics exist within you? And if so, what can you do to heal them before meeting a soul partner?


So when we talk about divine or sacred partnerships, we must also talk about destiny or fate. As we mention in other articles, the meeting of soulmates, or soulmate reunion, is a fated event. But then it’s up to each of you to do something with your soul connection and the relationship.

If there’s a destiny that brings you together, wouldn’t that same destiny have something to do with you both working through issues that are holding you back from the ultimate soulmate union?  Why, yes. Because the soulmate destiny is already at play before you’re both born.

You both take part in planning it. Well, your soul’s do. Your soul blueprint for this lifetime will align with your soulmate’s blueprint. Your meeting is the point where these contracts intersect. You both agree to provide valuable experiences for each other on your journeys to your soul’s perfection.

Some of these challenges will be as a couple. But others will be at the individual level. They may be difficult and they may make you very uncomfortable. Because your soulmate mirrors your shadow side back to you. Going through it will make you better, stronger and more confident.

When you both do the work and are willing to make the changes in your lives, you complete your sacred contract with your soulmate. This is the moment when soulmate union is realized. This is the best part of your soulmate journey. Enjoy the rest of the ride!



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