Emotional Intimacy for Soulmates

Emotional intimacy occurs when a couple share a closeness where they feel safe and secure to express themselves verbally and physically. Emotional intimacy for soulmates can reach much deeper levels than other relationships, due to their soul connection.

Soulmates develop emotional intimacy very quickly in most cases. When it comes to soulmates, their connection comes with a level of trust and familiarity right away. This is why you hear soulmates describe their first meeting and how they talked all night. Upon first meeting they share stories and experiences until the wee hours of the morning, about anything and everything.

There is an immediate feeling of comfort and safety.  They tell their soulmate things they have never told another living soul. From the moment soulmates meet, emotional intimacy is present. In almost all cases it is a big part of why the relationships evolve very quickly.


Couples who are not soulmates often need a long time to truly develop a deep level of emotional intimacy. Sometimes they are never able to open up to their partner. It’s quite a challenge for many people to open themselves up when they have had bad relationships in the past. Their life experiences can cause blockages from achieving true intimacy in relationships.

Emotional Intimacy for Soulmates
Emotional Intimacy for Soulmates

But with soulmates, whether they like it or not, this intimacy is present from the beginning. At first this can make both partners feel elated. They feel so connected to another person and so free from fear and doubt. Knowing they can be themselves is a very freeing feeling.

What often happens though, for those with emotional intimacy issues, they can fight it down the line. The soulmate who was so open at the beginning has now shut off or shut down. They are no longer as open as they once were. This soulmate allows  fear and doubt to step in. They could suddenly find themselves with feelings of vulnerability. This creates a blockage of the intimacy levels once shared so easily and naturally. This is very alarming and hurtful for the other soulmate.

Please keep in mind, that it hasn’t gone away. It has not truly changed or gone forever.

By allowing the other soulmate to take the time to search within themselves, and accept that emotional intimacy is not to be feared in this case, all will go back to normal. Putting too much pressure on them you could easily make matters worse.

If you allow them to disrespect you or the relationship and excuse them without consequence, chances are they will not face the intimacy issues anytime soon. Since you are willing to deal with it on your end, why should they deal with it on theirs?

Emotional intimacy on a soulmate level is one of the best parts of a soulmate relationship. Do not let your soulmate’s fears, or yours either, get in the way of one of the best gifts your relationship could be given.

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