When Your Soulmate is Involved with Someone Else

When your soulmate is involved with someone else it’s hard to know what to do.

You hoped the universe would bring your soulmate into your life. Maybe you even prayed for them to arrive or tried to manifest their arrival. And now they’re finally here they are with someone else? Now what?

Your expectation, of course, was they would be single and available for a relationship with you.


There are many reasons why a soulmate isn’t available to pursue a relationship with you right away. Your soulmate may already be in a difficult relationship prior to meeting you. That relationship should have ended a long time ago.

But your soulmate may feel stuck or afraid to end that relationship. They may worry about how it will affect them financially or professionally. Some people stay in unfulfilling relationships because they’re settling. They believed there was nothing better for them out there. And they would stay in that relationship indefinitely if they didn’t meet you.

Now they have the chance to change their life.

They feel awakened to love again. Surprisingly they may not take that chance right away! Some may try and deny the connection is there. Others may willingly begin an affair but aren’t ready to end their current relationship.

It’s a dramatic change to end a relationship, especially if it has been long term. But they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be with their soulmate. The solution for them is to start an affair before they end their current relationship.

This soulmate journey is very tricky to navigate.

If both soulmates are involved with someone else, each one waits for the other to end their relationship first. We have heard this first hand from so many clients. Others enjoy their soulmate relationship so much, it enables them to stay in their troubled relationship.

When Your Soulmate is Involved with Someone Else
When Your Soulmate is Involved with Someone Else

The joy their soulmate is bringing into their life helps negate their troubles. They feel no sense of urgency to go through a divorce or major break-up. It’s understandable to a degree, but they need to do something within a reasonable time.

If they don’t the affair will get frustrating to their soulmate who is ready for the relationship to take off. When you soulmate is involved with someone else, it’s exhausting to sneak around. This can lead to lies, arguments and even a separation.

Most people don’t plan on having an affair and never thought they would be in one. Yet a spiritual connection with another person makes them throw caution to the wind.

If an affair begins it is important to talk about an end game. You have the right to know, upfront, when they will end their other relationship. Don’t let them use one excuse after another to delay them doing what they need to do.

Sometimes a soulmate relationship starts with you both being single.

Everything is going great between you and you’re both enjoying the relationship.  Then, out of the blue they drop a bomb on you: they are ending the relationship!! They announce they’re going back to the ex they told you terrible things about. Or, very soon after your break up, they start up with someone new. You two are soulmates, why the heck would they do this?

One of the main reasons is fear.

This connection they embraced at first now frightens them. It feels overwhelming and now they’re questioning it. They feel vulnerable and fear getting hurt.  This causes them to run back to a bad relationship. They know what to expect from their ex and know the ex won’t hurt them. But they fear you will hurt them.

Those who end a soulmate relationship, and quickly get involved with someone else, are clearly rebound relationships. They often use these new relationships as a buffer between you. It’s also a way to try to prove to themselves, and everyone else, they’re moving on.

They think they are in control of their emotions.

The new person may be head over heels about them, but there’s no reciprocation. They’re still emotionally attached to their soulmate. Many people believe if they involve themselves with someone new they can get over an ex. It doesn’t really work that way, especially if the relationship ends for no good reason.

And, let’s face it, what relationship compares to one of a soulmate?

It’s really difficult when a soulmate does this to you. You have a difficult time moving on although they seem happy and over you. They aren’t, they’re just putting on a good front. Don’t chase them. Don’t try to talk to them. And more importantly, don’t let them talk to you.

Until they end their rebound relationship you have to draw some boundaries. Otherwise this type of dynamic can evolve into an affair or on/off relationship. And that’s the last thing you need. Your best course of action is to let it play out and let them come to you when they’re single again.

Don’t lose all hope, soulmates in situations like these often find themselves back together. (But sometimes it can take a very long time. It’s best to focus on your own life and not dwell on their relationship.)

Is your soulmate involved with someone else? How are you handling it? Please take a moment to leave a comment down below for those who read this post.


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