Soulmate Separation Warning Signs

Soulmate separation warning signs will appear when one of the soulmates is getting ready to bolt.

Many people equate soulmates as fairy tale relationships. They believe when two soulmates come together, nothing can tear them apart. However, due to the growth and life lessons that are a significant part of soulmate relationships, a separation phase is actually quite commonplace. 

A soulmate separation will usually have some red flags to serve as warnings ahead of time.  Are you missing the warning signs that a soulmate separation may be in the future for your relationship? Here’s a list of the most popular signs so you can prepare yourself, as best you can, for separation between you and your soulmate. 


1. Meeting at the wrong time.

Many soulmates meet when one, or both, are in relationships with someone else. In order to be together, the couple must often separate for a while. They may need to relocate, get a divorce or end that relationship.

Sometimes they can do this while their soulmate remains in their life. However, it’s common for soulmates to separate for a while, and stay in their original relationship, in an attempt to forget their soulmate. This rarely works. So they do what they must to have their soulmate back in their life.

In other cases, soulmates may not be living in close proximity to one another, and so they may separate until one can change residence.

2. A soulmate pulls back.

A soulmate may pull back emotionally and/or physically. Sometimes it’s very drastic and easy to spot. Other times it can be gradual and occurs over a period of time.

Either way, it will come to the attention of the other partner. But if they mention it, they’ll give you excuses or say you’re imagining things. In many cases this leads up to soulmate separation. This is taking baby steps towards being a soulmate runner.

In certain cases pulling back can caused heated arguments because it becomes hurtful and insulting. Pulling away affection causes the other partner to feel rejected, and of course can lead to fights that cause soulmate separation. 

3. The past is causing problems in your current relationship.

If your soulmate hasn’t healed past hurts, your relationship will suffer. Instead of fixing it themselves, they will want you to fix them, which you can’t. At other times they will want you to enable them, which you shouldn’t.

It’s unfortunate your soulmate had bad childhood, or past relationship, experiences. However, it’s not your fault and you shouldn’t be punished for things you didn’t say or do.

Soulmate Separation Warning Signs
Soulmate Separation Warning Signs

Your soulmate needs to heal their past, to allow your relationship to move forward. It’s also necessary for their own personal growth these changes are made. If they resist, the baggage of their past will likely lead to issues in your relationship that result in separation.

4. Other people’s interference.

You’re both probably thrilled you found one another and have an amazing connection. But this doesn’t mean everyone else will be happy for you. A jealous ex, a domineering or controlling parent, child or even friend can cause tons of problems.

These relationships were off balance before your soulmate came into the picture. When you came together, it shone a light on the truth of those relationships. Your soulmate may not want to see it or to deal with it properly.

They may want you to understand, while they disrespect you and the relationship. If they don’t establish healthy boundaries, and enforce them, it will eventually lead to soulmate separation.

 5. Refusal to learn life lessons as they arise.

If a soulmate refuses to evolve, they will repeat bad life patterns and choices. The lessons for spiritual growth make themselves quite clear. It’s not difficult to spot what we need to individually work on and heal.

But some people choose to disregard the lessons or fight them. This will of course cause conflict in the relationship. And since the lessons will repeat themselves, the conflict also will repeat itself. The damage this causes the relationship often leads to a separation phase.

6. You’re not getting along as well as you used to.

Suddenly, any and every minor thing leads to a major argument. There may be insults thrown around and harsh words exchanged. The communication no longer seems open, but mostly hostile and argumentative.

Silly misunderstandings are inflated and apologies seem to do nothing. They don’t want to understand at this point. They’re looking for reasons to blame the departure they’re planning on you.

7. Unhealthy relationship dynamics 

A refusal to learn the lessons that come with your soulmate relationship creates unhealthy dynamics in your relationship. The longer this continue, the closer you both get to soulmate separation. It’s inevitable, that at some point, things will get so bad a break-up will occur.

In almost all cases, if your soulmate is hell bent on separating from you, there’s little or nothing you can do to stop them. You can take comfort in the fact that most soulmate separations are only temporary.

Of course a separation from a soulmate is painful, but it’s crucial that you never chase a runner. You should also practice some positive self care to help you get through this difficult time.

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  1. Hello… I want to share a bit of my story with a man I think he could be my partner soulmate, but I am not sure because It’s new to me and can’t compare with anything from my past.. I hope that maybe I can get your opinion on this.
    So I met this beautiful man on a dating app in July and we connected from the start, it was a feeling of genuine connection and new to both of us. He is from the same country as I, but he now lives in Denmark for 7y ago, when he moved there with his ex. He said they separated last year and the last 4 years of their relationship were with break-up and make-up a for a few times, and they really tried their best to make it work but in the end they split up. So we constantly talked a lot EVERY DAY until late in the night for hours (writing, on the phone, pictures and videos) and shared vulnerable and deep stuff about ourselves, just matching each other like pieces in a puzzle in terms of humor, communication style, values, future plans, music, the energy, the sexual chemistry, literally everything that we’ve known about each other with openness and honesty. And we kept it like this for a month.
    The plan was for him to fly in our country and stay with me for a few days to see if our connection is truly genuine and if we really match, and if not, we would shake hands and thank each other for the experience.
    He bought plane tickets and showed them to me, but in the last 2 weeks of our online connection, I felt he started to pull away; the conversations weren’t that long anymore, his interest in me was fading and he manifested insecurity in me being a real match for him. He put this behavior on the back of some superficial excuses when I started to confront him and telling him what I was noticing, but I didn’t get much from him, just normal excuses. And this withdrawal from his side I felt it for 2 weeks prior to his flying here.
    With 2 days before the flight he finally got the courage to tell me that he recently met someone else and his plans changed, that he didn’t want me in his life and I just appeared, and that he doesn’t want to keep pushing something with me without knowing the outcome, and that our connection was genuine but he decided to not go forward. Just like that, he dropped the bomb. I freaked out; not because he told me he met someone else, but because this was totally unexpected and a 360 degrees change from his side and because the explanation he gave me for his decision didn’t make any sense to me, since we have already previously discussed that if we meet and we hit it off in real, we would try for a real relationship even if in the beginning it involves distance until we decide if he would move back to our country, or I would move to where he lives; or if we didn’t hit it off, we would’ve remained friends. We had it all discussed, and suddenly he gets scared and says he met someone else.
    So we decided to stop talking, I asked him to block me on social media so I can have my time to process this and move on, he blocked me, I blocked him, and we stayed blocked for 2 weeks.
    In the meantime I had him unblocked after a few days and then I was checking almost every day to see if he also unblocked me. So after 2 weeks he did unblock me also. After 1 or 2 days of him unblocking me, I wrote to him that it’s nice to see that he unblocked me, and that I hope he is doing alright and to forgive me for the last things I told him, and that we’re good. And he surprisingly responded to me that It’s OK, regardless of what has been, and he asked me how I am doing. I replied that I am alright and asked him how is he doing. And this is the most recent thing that happened between us, and where the conversation is currently.
    So my inner fight is: he really is the right partner for me that I waited for all my life like i feel it in my heart, or this was just a soul connection lesson and I should move on with my life? For me it’s hard to believe that what I feel about him is real because we haven’t gotten the chance to meet in person, and I still feel the same about him. And I don’t feel like chasing him, and instead just take things as they come in my life, and I don’t want to force anything with him, because nothing was forced between us from the start. I feel like I can live without him if I would never meet him, but in the same time I feel that it will always be a void in my life if I will never meet him, and that I might never find someone like him again. Because he was really genuine and unique, and our connection flowed naturally and unexpected for both of us from all points of view.
    If he is my lasting soulmate and I am his, will our connection naturally restart and we will meet, or what should I do now with my life? To accept the idea that he’s gone and I might never meet him, or to keep hoping and waiting for him in my heart, for as long as she feels to keep him inside of her? It’s so hard for me regarding this soul connection, as I feel I don’t know what to do with my life now and this isn’t something i felt before about a man. Something is different here and I don’t know what exactly and I am just trying to find answers outside of me, because what I feel inside of me is hard to believe. And it’s not easy not even the idea that he’s not my partner soulmate and to just forget him. I’ve met other romantic soulmates before, I know how it is, but this one is different and I don’t know în which way. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. I’m so confused.
    Thank you for reading it all.

    • We are unable to answer personal questions here in the comments but we are available for readings on the Contact Us page.


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