Soulmate Sabotage: Have They Been Hurt Before?

Sabotage happens in soulmate relationships for numerous reasons.

One of the main reasons is because they’ve been hurt in previous relationships. Due to the deep connection being vulnerable to being hurt again can be a very frightening thing.


No one wants to get hurt. But we all have to take that risk when entering into a new relationship. We have to open our hearts, knowing they could be broken. Most people would never dream of hurting a soulmate. But ones who have been hurt before are afraid to trust in their connection.

Soulmate Sabotage: Have They Been Hurt Before?
Soulmate Sabotage: Have They Been Hurt Before?

When someone has been badly hurt they often choose safer relationships going forward. They feel if they find someone who cares more for them than they do in return, they lessen the risk considerably. These relationships, although considered safe, are usually unsatisfactory. It’s a way of settling due to fear. And the emotional investment is very one-sided.


Many soulmates stay in relationships like this once they meet their soulmate. This is also a form of sabotage. They fear taking the chance of being hurt again because they actually have deep feelings. So they stay put in a relationship where that can’t really happen. But the awakening depth of emotion with their soulmate doesn’t go away. This gives them the courage to stop settling, leave that relationship and reconcile with their soulmate.

If a soulmate has been hurt before they may sabotage their soulmate connection out of the blue. They could pick a fight, deny the connection or behave or speak in ways that cause a break up. They worry about it being too good to be true so they sabotage it by creating chaos. This is often temporary and the couple reunites once they’re ready to move past their fears.

If someone has been hurt before, and then meets a soulmate, at first they’re overwhelmed with the emotions. They feel happy and secure in the connection. But then their fear raises its ugly head and they scare themselves silly.

Some become terrified of being hurt if they stay in the relationship. So they’ll create a breakup and cut them out of their life completely. They cut them off from all contact and shut them out of their lives. This form of sabotage is the most common. Like the other examples, this too can be temporary. And then the saboteur comes back as if nothing ever happened.

Are you a victim of soulmate sabotage? Please share your experiences with our readers in the comments section.

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