Soulmate Denial: When Your Soulmate Denies the Connection

Soulmate denial is very real in many soulmate relationships. One wonders how someone could be in denial of such a strong connection. When you meet your soulmate, chances are one or both of you will go through soulmate denial. For most soulmates, the unique emotional response, and feelings never experienced before, make them question everything that’s happening.


Soulmates can fear getting caught up in a whirlwind romance. And they need to understand, and even prove, what they’re experiencing is both real and good for them. In doing so, they must be the devil’s advocate for everything they’re feeling. When they feel they’ve known their soulmate for a long time their logic tells them they’ve just met that person. And they’re just feeling vulnerable right now. They can blame it on the fact they’ve been single for too long or drank too much. Heck some may say they’re acting like a child. Denial tells them everyone acts like this in the beginning. And that this person is too good to be true. Because this stuff never happens to people like them, it can’t be real.

Soulmate Denial: When Your Soulmate Denies the Connection
Soulmate Denial

Soulmate denial can also be a reason why someone may not move a relationship further along. Denial keeps them waiting for the next shoe to drop. And then it can finally be proven this connection isn’t real. They just got caught up in fantasy, and not the reality ,of the situation. They know what they feel but their mind keeps denying it. Telling them you know how they feel will just keep them in denial mode. And they tell you they don’t feel the same way about you.


Your soulmate could be in another relationship. That relationship may have run its course. And your connection is a way of helping them see the light. So they can truly see what the right relationship looks like. Your soulmate didn’t really seek you out. The universe just threw you together. So they’re were not prepared for this. Because of that lack of preparation they resist doing what they know they should do, which is end their primary relationship.

They may even start a relationship with you. But when it gets to the point where they get caught, or the time comes to end the old relationship, they get overwhelmed or afraid. So they use soulmate denial as the easy way out. And they tell themselves they realize now they can’t leave, and  must work on their other relationship. Even though they know it won’t work in the long run.

They go back to their miserable life, knowing that so much better is out there. But they settle for much, much less. This breeds negativity into an already negative relationship. Sure, they can pretend on social media they’re the world’s best couple and are happy. Big deal. I could claim to be a koala bear on social media, but that doesn’t make it true.

When your soulmate is in denial, is will be very frustrating. Unfortunately there is nothing in your power to change that. You have to wait for them to be willing to accept the reality of your connection.

Has your soulmate ever denied your connection? Or perhaps you yourself have denied the connection to your soulmate. We would you to share your experiences in our comments. ~Love Sarah and Sophia xx

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