Soulmate Frustration: Does Your Soulmate Frustrate You?

Soulmate Frustration:

              Soulmate Frustration

Are you dealing with soulmate frustration? Having a soulmate can often be harder than one would think. A soulmate is not all sunshine and roses, romance and sweet words nor unicorns and rainbows. Soulmates are not created strictly for romance although the romantic connection is there. There are things each soulmate must learn, discover, and change about themselves for the relationship to be happy romantic partnership.


If they don’t, soulmate relationships cause a lot of frustration and heartache. Nothing in life is free is it? Neither is a wonderful soulmate relationship. You have to work at it and work for it. Otherwise the soulmate frustration just builds and builds and the problems become bigger and bigger.


Is your soulmate experiencing the frustration or are you? Are you both dealing with soulmate frustration?  We want to hold onto our soulmates, and even when we are full of frustration we don’t want to resort to dire tactics. The problem is, sometimes that is what it takes.


Top Reasons for Soulmate Frustration

  1. When a soulmate takes too long to get out of a previous relationship it causes a lot of frustration. No one wants to wait for someone endlessly, regardless of the excuse.
  2. When a soulmate resorts to constantly ending the relationship either out of the blue or whenever conflict arises, the foundation of the relationship is anything but stable.
  3. When a soulmate refuses to acknowledge the connection, or even speak to their partner, the heartache can seem endless. You are connected to a person that won’t even speak to you or acknowledge what you both feel, and it can be excruciating.
  4. When a soulmate has inconstant behavior it can prove very frustrating. If the contact is random and they can go days, weeks, or months without saying a word it can drive the partner crazy. If they break plans, have temper tantrums, or suddenly say they are unsure of their feelings to cause drama, they are sabotaging the relationship. Eventually they may sabotage it without even really wanting to.
  5. When your soulmate puts you at a low priority all the time because they believe you will always forgive them, it can get very insulting and annoying. It makes you feel inferior, rather than special. You wonder what it is going to take for them to move you up on their priority ladder, especially since you have them so high up on yours.


What kind of soulmate frustration are you dealing with? We would love to hear your experiences in our comments section to share with our readers who are experiencing soulmate frustration themselves.



  1. I’m dealing with a soulmate who’s married and uses his sister as a way to communicate with me. The weirdest part is that the sister although acting as a go between will act indifferent on behalf of the brothers request. I’ve threatened to move to another state so many times and the sorry full text begin? Although the text are coming from the sister I no he’s behind the text. The thing is I love him and the sister! Obviously I don’t love the sister in the same manner as I love him but because she’s played such a huge part in having some sort of communication with himI feel kinda indebted to her and I’ve grown sister-in-law like feelings towards her. Also she’s been so kind too me that I just can’t seem to let her go as well. Uh this is so stressful at times not to mention he’s married and I have no idea on the state of his marriage. I no he is not in love with his wife but honestly I’m willing to sever ties so that he can manifest what ever it is he needs to do to find himself in this life. My only wish is that we can at least make peace with each other before our souls pass onto the next journey. I’ve gone through ever emotion possible for this particular person and I’m just ready to either fulfill what should be or move on for good!

  2. hi im dealing with a person i met 10 years ago. his name is rob . we had a sexual attraction .bu years past and i dream about him. he knows my feelings casue he texted the other day and apologize for hurting me but he is w someone, and i dont know what to do..

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  4. I am dealing with several of the frustrations and I have had enough .
    Wise people have told me to wait for him,but not forever.

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  6. I am beyond frustrated at this point

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