Did Your Soulmate Move Too Fast?

Did your soulmate move too fast? Did your soulmate go from zero to sixty in no time flat? If they did, that would not be uncommon. Because soulmates tend to move too fast when they being a relationship.


Soulmates tend to move too fast. This is due to their past-life connection with one another. And to the excitement at finally finding each other in this life time. This usually happens with both members of the soulmate couple at first. You both feel so comfortable and willing to open up with one another so easily. So the relationship progresses very quickly and you both enjoy the momentum.

Did Your Soulmate Move Too Fast?
Did Your Soulmate Move Too Fast?

Even though you just met, you feel as though you have known one another for a very long time. Days, weeks or a month zooms by. Now you discuss moving in with one another, or marriage or even your children. Heck some soulmates even discuss ALL these issues within the first weeks of meeting. Since this is a very positive feeling, and also very organic, with soulmates it wouldn’t be a problem. But it often becomes one.

When a soulmate relationship moves too fast, and then everyone comes back down to earth, conflicts can occur. One such conflict is when you question why and how you have such deep feelings so quickly. If they develop slowly, over time, the mind would get used to it. And you could justify it along the way. When it moves too fast, the mind questions the validity of these feelings. And it can affect the relationship.


Another problem that occurs when soulmates move too fast is the loss of control. At first it feels very natural to surrender to the intensity of the connection. But later on, that loss of control and vulnerability can scare one of the soulmates (or both) and they attempt to regain some control over their emotions and try to hide their vulnerability. They usually do this by denying the connection, minimizing the connection or even say it is only one-sided.

Soulmates have often say their feelings change and they didn’t mean it when they expressed them. They’re just carried away in the connection. It’s similar to when someone says “I love you” for the first time and then wish like hell they could take it back. Many actually believe if they say they don’t have strong feelings, and aren’t connected, that somehow they can wish it in reality. You can’t.

Feelings, especially those of soulmates, don’t change overnight or for silly insignificant reasons. When someone gets in too deep with their emotions, they experience vulnerability on a level they have never experienced before. It can be downright scary and to minimize their chances of getting hurt they pretend they don’t care as much as they do.

Often soulmates who move to fast have a period where they separate. And usually this is because one or both of them have to prove to themselves that the connection is real. If you have met your soulmate, chances are you will move too fast, because that’s how soulmates tend to move. Be aware the momentum may hit the brakes at a certain point and there could be a separation or even a permanent ending to the relationship.

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