Have You Reached an Impasse With Your Soulmate?

Have you reached an impasse with your soulmate? Are there problems, issues or drama that has left you feeling like there’s no resolution? Are you and your soulmate at a stalemate? It may be hard to believe but soulmates find themselves at an impasse where no progress is possible. So what brings a spiritually connected couple to an impasse? Here are some examples of how soulmates may find themselves hopelessly deadlocked.


1. If one of you has learned the lessons your soulmate relationship has brought about, but the other has not, you may be currently at an impasse. You may feel as though your soulmate is never going to get it together and may feel like you have lost all hope. Not all soulmates learn their lessons concurrently. Most actually don’t. So one of you will wind up waiting for the other. Remember, don’t enable them, teach them. Or you may be waiting for what seems like forever.

Have You Reached an Impasse With Your Soulmate?
Have You Reached an Impasse With Your Soulmate?

2. If your soulmate keeps denying the existence of your connection, you’re at an impasse. If they won’t even acknowledge the connection, they haven’t learned their lessons. Until they do, your chance at a relationship is at a standstill.

3. If you or your soulmate are using your connection the wrong way, it can also create a situation where there is no way to move forward. If your soulmate uses your connection against you, say to get away with bad behavior, you’re going backwards not forwards. Without change, it is just going to get worse.

4. If either of you are still in relationships with other people you relationship is stuck. Where can your soulmate relationship go when someone else is in the picture? It can only reach a certain level and then it stops dead in its tracks. How can such a precious connection be an excuse for such behavior as cheating anyway? Until you’re both free, you are both in prison. And that feeling is awful.

5. If you’re hell-bent on sabotaging your relationship with bad behaviors and patterns, you will remain at an impasse. Just because your connection makes you lose control, it is no excuse to act out of control. Your connection won’t keep you together forever at this rate. You are destroying the gift you have been given by the Universe. The connection between the two of you does not give you an excuse to disrespect it.

So if your soulmate relationship is at an impasse, can anything be done about it? In many cases the answer is yes. Each case is unique, but in all cases some changes need to be made and perhaps even some sacrifices.

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