Do You Idealize Your Soulmate? It’s Time to Stop!

Do You Idealize Your Soulmate?

Do you idealize your soulmate? Many people do, since the strong connection can easily overcome all logic. Intense emotions will cover a lot of their sins and transgressions. Red flags often go ignored because the focus is strictly on the good side of the relationship. It’s so easy to see only their good points and … Read more

Soulmate’s Ex Causing Interference in Your Relationship

Soulmate's Ex Causing Interference in Your Relationship

Is your soulmate’s ex causing interference in your relationship? If so, you will probably become angry and insecure. You wonder if your soulmate still has feelings for them they need to resolve. You have heard them say so many bad things about their ex. Yet they still keep interfering. Why does the ex seem to … Read more

You’re Not Crazy, Your Soulmate Relationship Is

You're Not Crazy, Your Soulmate Relationship Is

You’re not crazy but is your soulmate driving you crazy? Soulmate relationships have many ways of making people feel like they’re insane and becoming someone they don’t recognize. Many are just out of control. You don’t know how to do it, but you know you need to get control of yourself. You don’t even know … Read more

Getting Off the Soulmate Merry-Go-Round

Getting Off the Soulmate Merry-Go-Round

Once you get on the soulmate merry-go-round it can be tough to get off it. At first you really enjoyed the ride. You and your soulmate were having such a wonderful time. But now that ride has taken a turn for the worse and is not as enjoyable. You didn’t sign up for a ride … Read more

Wrong Reasons to Stay with a Soulmate

Wrong reasons to Stay with a Soulmate

There are many wrong reasons people stay with a soulmate. Soulmate connections give people the idea they must stay together at all costs. People use the connection as a reason to allow bad behavior and mistreatment in relationships. We understand how difficult it is to let a soulmate go. But sometimes it’s even harder to … Read more

Soulmate Alchemy Creates Personal and Spiritual Growth

Soulmate Alchemy

Soulmate alchemy is important for all soulmate relationships. But what is soulmate alchemy? As individuals we must experience alchemical transformation. We must do that for the soulmate relationship to overcome challenges and obstacles to soulmate union. STAGES OF SOULMATE ALCHEMY Soulmates are gifted an everlasting connection but there’s still much work to be done. It … Read more