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Please contact Sarah and Sophia for your soulmate reading using Click4Advisor . You can click the links for Sarah and Sophia on their photos on the column, when you’re ready to begin your reading. You can also reach their pages using the menu. The price for a soulmate reading is $3.99 per minute.



Clients want to connect with a psychic quickly, without having to wait for an appointment. allows callers to see we are ready to take calls when they need to speak with someone quickly. Your name, credit card and banking info, address and phone number are all kept private between you and Click4Advisor. The psychic will never be privy to any of your confidential information. And you will not have any of the psychics confidential information either.  This ensures safety for both the callers and the psychics.

How does click4advisor work?

Sign up for a free click4advisor account using the button below. When you’re ready for your reading, simply click on a psychic’s click4advisor button to be connected. Both telephone numbers are kept private from one another.


click4advisor psychic


You can schedule appointments in advance for psychic readings. Or if the psychic is busy on a call, you can arrange to speak with her when she is available by arranging a call. You DO NOT have to buy a block of time for your reading. You are charged on a per minute basis. So you can make your psychic reading as long or as short as you like.

Click4advisor has been doing business since 2000 and has a great reputation. There is very little down time due to tech errors and glitches. That is why we have chosen click4advisor as as our only service for psychic readings. You can see more details about Click4Advisor and how it works and keeps you, the consumer, protected here.


To email tech support you may do so at This email address is for technical support issues only as Sarah and Sophia do not have access to that email account. If you have a technical issue with the site you may email it to that address but please do not include any personal information about yourself as it goes to their webmaster only.

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    • Yes… We have many clients from Australia and New Zealand. The Click4Advisor system will work with your country. Ether works only for the US and Canada but CLICK works for most of the other countries in the world. We just have to work with the time difference. We are in Eastern Time US.

    • we are not able to do email readings. we do require a voice to make the connection. We are working on an option for SOuth Africa callers.

  1. Aloha,
    I am sure I’ve been in a soulmate relationship for the last year. One month ago he suddenly left me for his wife. There’s a part of me thinking he will return, and another saying its really over. It’s driving me mad, and I am so much pain crying all day long. I want to know if he will come back or if there is an even better match for me. Neither of us has ever been so in love before, completely aligned and blissful. The pain of our separation is excritiating. Please let me know about your reading. I am not in a very good financial situation right now, so I’m wondering how much it costs and if you would be able to give me answers on a budget.



    • yes you can – using either Click4Advisor or Ether services. This is the only way we can do readings as we do not take Paypal

  2. Hello how much is a reading? I am experiencing some problems in my relationship

    Thank you

    • HI Sarah,
      We use the CLick4Advisor or Ether technologies to connect our calls. You can find our call buttons on our individual pages, which you can access by clicking on our photos in the right hand column. Price for calls using either Click4Advisor or Ether is $3.99 per minute. When you use these technologies it allows you to decide before hand how much you would like to spend before talking to either of us. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Thanks again, Sarah! You are great, thanks for the honest and direct advice, You are amazing!


  4. Hi, I saw my soulmate I saw my soulmate inOctober of 2010. Didnt know who he was until I had leftr the store. he approached me and asked me how I was doing. I answered him and kept on walking. I did not realize who he was until I had left the store. he took my breath away and all the feelings for him came rushing back. he has been on my mind ever since. I had an obstacle to get over. I was and still am married to a man that walked off and left me in 2007. He also was my soulmate. It took me along time to get over him. I was told that there were three soulmates waiiting to energetically get involved with me. i know he is one of them. I have not stopped thinking about him. I have been told that we will be reunited one day and that there is unfinished business between us. I have dreamed of him twice. have you ever heard of a situation like mine? Thanks so much for your help

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