Giving Your Soulmate a Second Chance

Giving your soulmate a second chance usually comes easy. You would probably cut ties with anyone else immediately if they acted like your soulmate. You wouldn’t think twice about it either. But a soulmate is a different story. Many people tell us when it comes to a soulmate, they let things slide. And thing they normally would never forgive with anyone else. A soulmate is such a unique and significant connection that it’s not hard to give them another chance.


Do you have any other choice other than to give them a second chance? You can’t break the connection so what’s the alternative? This is a common problem for people in soulmate relationships. When you feel powerless to disconnect from a soulmate, what do you do when their behavior gets out of control? How do you handle them cheating repeatedly? What do you do when they disrespect you? Many feel they have no choice but to give their soulmate endless chances due to their connection. But at some point it has to be your soulmate’s last chance.

Giving Your Soulmate a Second Chance
Giving Your Soulmate a Second Chance

This way of thinking causes many soulmate relationships to become dysfunctional. The pattern of bad behavior, without real consequence or fear of repercussion, gets out of control. And it completely derails the path of the relationship. What was once a blessing now has become a curse. Your soulmate knows you will give them a second chance no matter what they do. So they believe they can get away with anything and everything.


In many cases your soulmate knows they may not even have to apologize or ask for a second chance. Why? Because they know you will fix everything for them. Although they’re the one who did everything wrong you wind up being the bigger person. But this should be demeaning to you. Because it truly is disrespectful of your soul connection.  It’s taking advantage of the connection so they can do the wrong thing. This is most certainly not what the universe had in mind when they brought you together.

So what can you do? How can you stop giving a second chance? Or third, fourth, fifth, and so on? Well you can give your soulmate a second chance, but not a second chance at screwing up your relationship again. And you can give your soulmate is the chance to get their act together. When you give your soulmate a free pass you’re not giving them a chance to do better. You’re enabling them to stay the same.

Stop cleaning up their mess. And make them step up to the plate and be a grown up. Make them accept responsibility for their words and actions. Stop doing it for them. Give them the chance to change. If you want your soulmate to do the right thing, you need to do the right thing.

If they need space to do that alone, then give it to them. You gave them enough chances to do it with you. And they blew it. Let them be alone without you for a while. They need to see what they can lose if they don’t get it together. Let them regret what they’ve done. Let them learn from their mistakes instead of taking the lessons away from them. It may be scary, but if you have enough faith in your connection to give them a second chance when they didn’t deserve one, use that same faith to stand strong.


7 thoughts on “Giving Your Soulmate a Second Chance”

  1. Still undecided what to do if/when they come back. I do know I won’t just listen to lip service. I need to SEE a change, not just hear about how they have changed.

  2. What are you supposed to do after you’ve let them live with it for a bit? Do you check back in? Do you let them come to you? How can you believe any progress they say they’ve made after a while of no contact, if you didn’t believe it the first 100 times? I’m in the consequences faze now, but I can feel him thinking about me. I know how he feels. I want to call him even though I told him not to contact me. I want him to call me and tell me he’s doing better, that he knows what he did wrong, etc. I feel so stuck in life without him, but I can’t nor will I keep going back to the same BS.


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