Stop Trying to Make the Wrong Person Your Soulmate

Stop trying to make the wrong person your soulmate. Not everyone you have strong feelings for is a soulmate. Not everyone you have a crazy relationship with is a soul mate. Not everyone you have great chemistry is a soulmate. Not everyone you have a dream about is a soulmate.

Too many people try to make the wrong person a soulmate connection. The intensity levels in soulmate relationships can feel very similar to toxic, dysfunctional ones. The emotions and drama run very high. For someone who has not yet met their soulmate, they can confuse the wrong person as a soul mate.

Stop Trying to Make the Wrong Person Your Soulmate

Stop Trying to Make the Wrong Person Your Soulmate

No matter how hard you try, you cannot make the wrong person your soul mate. It’s not up to you to create your soulmate, that is for the universe to do. Too many people confuse the wrong person with a soulmate, and the results can be disastrous. Someone can spend too much wasted time with the wrong person because they believe they are a soulmates when in realty they are not. They could actually be keeping themselves from finding a true soulmate partner because they stay with the wrong person.

Try looking at the relationship from a neutral position. It can be very hard to tell when you are actually in the relationship but you have to try to keep an emotional distance. Just because you have a hard time imaging being without someone doesn’t make them a soulmate. Even some people in a toxic relationship have a hard time imagining themselves with out them. If you think about someone all the time, it does not indicate you are in a soulmate relationships. People in highly dysfunctional relationships think about each other all the time.

You may have some similarities to your romantic partner but this doesn’t mean you truly are soulmates. It is not in your best interest, for you romantic success and happiness, to insist  the wrong person your soulmate. So many people have contacted us to tell us they know their current partner is their soulmate. Yet we read it differently because we are able to look at it from the deeper connection of the soul. Many times we have to tell them the person they called about is not their soulmate, and very often the wrong person for them. Unfortunately they don’t want to hear it as they have already decided it is a soulmate connection and can get very angry when we disagree.

Sometimes we hold on to the wrong people and need a reason to justify it. Telling yourself the wrong person is a soulmate can give you a reason for staying. If you believe all soulmate relationships work out you may erroneously believe your current situation is destined to be sunshine and roses one day. Don’t kid yourself. It’s not going to happen. You need to stop trying to make the wrong person your soulmate. Are you hanging in there with the wrong person hoping it will get better because you believe you are soulmates? That is a waste of your precious time. There is nothing wrong with searching for your soulmate, just don’t think every person you meet and like is one.


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