Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection

Soulmate obsession is very real. Sometimes the strong connection you feel for someone can transform to a darker place.

Sometimes it happens when people meet a soulmate. The love for them can become an obsession. They feel so much too soon.

Now they want to move the relationship along quickly to reach the finish line. They’re so excited this special someone is finally part of their life. Unfortunately, they didn’t anticipate the chaos, drama and upheaval that comes with some soulmate relationships.


When these problems arise, and at some point they will, soulmate obsession can take over. If you’re reading our articles you know soulmates often have a break period, or full break-up, in their relationship. This break can be long or short. Sometimes separations occur only once, yet in some cases relationships, it happens repeatedly.

During these breaks one of them can become obsessed with their partner’s every thought, feeling and action. They feel if they have this information they’ll have some sort of power, instead of feeling powerless. They think this will help get through the period of disconnect and make sure their soulmate doesn’t find someone else.

They’re more concerned with what’s going on with their soulmate than what’s transpiring in their own lives. Tidbits of information from friends, stalking and social media creates a feed frenzy. This information is then enhanced and elaborated upon with their imagination.

The universe brings soulmates together for personal and spiritual growth.

Don’t get stuck in a cycle of soulmate obsession. Stop wondering what they’re doing and when they are coming back. Yes, this is hard. But you need to use faith, not fear, to get through this. Soulmate obsession can actually delay, or prevent altogether, the return of your soulmate. You’re too focused on them rather than working on yourself. Use this time to really look at what the universe is trying to teach you. Do the work you should be doing.


A soulmate obsession is not relegated to waiting for a soulmate’s return. Many people become obsessed trying to find a soulmate. They don’t wish to wait forever and want to find them as quickly as possible. In some way, they feel incomplete without them. Every day an obsession with meeting a soulmate can grow exponentially. And with it, so does their disappointment and negativity.

Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection
Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection

This obsession with when will I meet my soulmate doesn’t help anything. It actually can hurt. How can you expect to attract a soulmate when you’re sending out so much negativity?

Since you’re not in charge of when your soulmate shows up, why even focus on it? The universe will bring them in at the right time. That’s their decision, not yours. So why try to take control by obsessing about your soulmate?

If you believe in soulmates, and that there’s one for you, let go of the when. Because that’s in the hands of destiny. Perhaps patience could be your lesson to learn?

If you believe in soulmates, you have to believe in divine timing. They cannot be separated, no matter how much you want them to be. You cannot cheat the divine by making your soulmate appear earlier than destined. So stop trying. That is not a spiritual practice, to challenge the universe that way.


The darkest part of soulmate obsession can occur when a soulmate ends a relationship. After being in an intense, super connection with someone, you may find yourself at your lowest point. This is not the time to stalk social media or try to discover everything going on their lives. This is the time for self-care where you truly focus on yourself.

The emotional devastation that comes with losing a soulmate will take some time to heal. It’s better to remove anything in your environment reminding you of the relationship. And make a firm agreement with yourself to stay off the internet.

Finding out what is going on in their life is not going to make you feel any better. Actually, it’s a form of self-torture. So why would you do that to yourself? It will keep you stuck in the cycle of soulmate obsession.

Spend time with friends and family who can nurture and support you. And seek professional counseling to work through your loss or embark upon a journey of self-development. Many soulmate break ups do not last very long, so you could just be torturing yourself for no reason at all.

The intensity of the connection between soulmates makes it easy to obsess. When the going gets bad, it’s better to have faith in the connection that brought you together. It’s the lack of faith in the connection between soulmates when soulmate obsession creeps in. Do your best to keep the faith.

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  1. Oh I have been there… it is a real dark night of the soul experience… you fight to get out and it takes a lot of work but it can be done. Everyone needs to be aware of this so thank for posting!


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