Soulmate Challenges Provide Spiritual and Personal Growth

Soulmate challenges are all par for the course. Very few couples are actually prepared for what is to come. You may be dying to meet your soulmate but have no idea what you are in for.

Soulmate relationships are where we learn the lessons. And we believe twin flame relationships are where we apply those lessons.

Soulmate relationships are rare enough as it is. But a soulmate relationship, without a series of challenges, is even more rare. This would actually be a twin flame relationship. So it is best to be a bit prepared when you meet your soulmate, because the challenges you may face are never minor ones.


Soulmate Challenges
Soulmate Challenges

So what exactly is the point of all these soulmate challenges anyway? Soulmates need more growth and change. They have resisted those changes up to the point when they encounter their soulmate. Some may be unaware of the necessary changes as well. Their soulmate, through their deep connection, causes these changes to come to the forefront. If not dealt with in a way that creates change, chaos will follow.

Each couple has their own unique series of challenges. And what challenges one, brings out the challenge in the other. For instance, one soulmate needs to work on their faith in the connection. They must allow that faith to take them on a spiritual journey, that would trigger the same challenge in the other soulmate. Sometimes one runs away from their soulmate, because they cannot handle the intensity of their emotions. Then soulmate number two usually winds up questioning the soulmate connection as well as finding it difficult to stay on their spiritual path.


What often happens, is instead of leading by example, when one goes in the wrong direction, the other follows. Neither are doing what needs to be done to overcome their challenges. Instead, they are making things worse. And they create drama, chaos, dysfunctional dynamics in their relationship that will be hard to break in the future.

So if you truly believe in soulmates, and if your soulmate is not honoring your connection, don’t follow them down the rabbit hole. Don’t let it take you off your spiritual path and do and say things that the universe would not support. The universe did not put you together for you both to sink to lower levels. Instead, look at what your soulmate’s behavior has brought to the surface in yourself. There is where you find your lessons, and work on those instead. Sometimes soulmates have to work on their lessons apart in order to keep the relationship from getting to toxic. When you are apart is where your faith is tested, and passing that test is crucial.

What soulmate challenges have you faced in your relationship? Please let us know in our comments section. 

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