Do You Have Faith in Your Soulmate Connection?

Do you have faith in your soulmate connection?

One would think that comes with every soulmate package. It makes sense that both soulmates would have faith in what the universe creates. Right? However, faith can’t be forced, it must come from free will.


You would assume soulmates have faith in the connection because they’re experiencing it for themselves. They feel it for themselves. They know what it’s like feel the instant spark with someone upon first meeting. And without a doubt they recognize the union of souls. They’ve never felt like this for anyone in their life before. They are aware of their spiritual awakening.

Do You Have Faith in Your Soulmate Connection?
Do You Have Faith in Your Soulmate Connection?

Yet they don’t have faith in the connection and question it. Even those who’ve been waiting and hoping to meet their soulmate or years on end, question if what they’re feeling and experiencing is real. Wondering if they have gone temporarily insane, they believe this feeling will wear off at some point.

They also wonder if their soulmate is experiencing and feeling the same thing. Wonder turns to worry, then to anxiety. And now faith is replaced with fear. They don’t have the faith the connection will last, and worry their soulmate will somehow break the connection with them and the relationship will fall apart.


Without faith in the connection, all the wrong behaviors and emotions come into play. They tear apart the fabric of the relationship. Doubt causes people to do crazy things. And these things don’t make for a healthy relationship in the long run.

You have to decide, and so does your soulmate, if you’re going to go all in, or all out. Straddling the fence makes no sense. You can’t believe you have a soulmate, or that soulmates exist, if you don’t have faith or believe in what a soulmate actually is.

A soulmate connection is destined, and created by the universe. Not you, not your soulmate, and not anyone else. You don’t get to choose your soulmate. And you don’t decide when your soulmate enters your life. You don’t get to sever the connection between the two of you, nor does your soulmate.

The universe provides a connection between you and your soulmate. And it it’s honored, will allow you personal and spiritual growth. It will be an amazing relationship beyond your wildest dreams. You can’t pick and choose which parts of the soulmate experience you have faith in. That makes no sense and defies all logic. You either have to have faith in all of it, or in truth you have faith in none of it. What you decide, and what your soulmate decides, is what will create the soulmate relationship you experience.

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