Do You Want Your Soulmate to Change?

Do You Want Your Soulmate to Change?

Do you find yourself wishing the guy or gal you are in a soulmate relationship with would just change some part of themselves to make the relationship better? Don’t worry, it happens all the time. People call us, from all over the world, wanting to know if, and WHEN, their soulmate, or romantic partner, will change into the person they want them to be. Our answer to that is, instead of waiting for them to change, why don’t you change yourself instead?

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Changing Your Soulmate

First of all, why are you in a relationship with someone you wish to change? Perhaps they are no longer the same person they were in the beginning of the relationship. But then again, you probably are not either. If you’re kind, loving, supportive and carefree manner has been replaced by fear, insecurity and criticism, your soulmate is only reflecting your own energy back to you. If you whine, nag and complain, wouldn’t’ that be reason enough to stop returning your phone calls and texts?

When we are in a soulmate relationship, our soulmate becomes our mirror, so to speak. We are to use that mirror to reflect back to us some of the things we need to change in our own lives. Rather than expecting our soulmate to change into what we want or expect them to become, our energies would be better expended changing ourselves. Change is difficult especially when there are many obstacles to overcome. But hoping someone else will change to fit within the confines of your criteria, that is a pretty big expectation.

When we change, the people with whom we are in relationships, have no other recourse but to change. They have to in order to reflect back to you the changes you have incorporated. We are not suggesting big, grandiose changes, but ones that show a subtle difference in how they expect you to act and behave. For example, if you usually text your soulmate one hour after you have sent a previously unanswered text, stop it. Just don’t do it anymore. Change your behavior. On a larger scale, if after an argument with your soulmate you are usually the one to extend the olive branch to make peace, don’t do it anymore. By changing our own behavior patterns, we will naturally change the behavior patterns of those around us. If you are the one who pursues, stop pursuing. If you are the one who initiates contact, wait for him to contact you. If there is a major disagreement, and your soulmate usually goes silent for days or weeks, and then one day pops up out of the blue with no apology or explanation for his behavior, ignore him. If the situation needs to be changed, you have the responsibility of changing it.

If we examine this from a soulmate contract or soulmate agreement perspective, we will probably see that the behavior changes we need to make are encoded therein. If your usual behavior with a romantic partner is to allow them to take you for granted or undervalue you, having any expectation of them changing on their own is unrealistic. If you are in a soulmate relationship where this same pattern is occurring, you can bet the powers that be are calling YOU to take your power back, stand your ground and demand respect from your partner. It clearly presents the karma you need to work on in your part of this karmic relationship. You are having this soulmate relationship to teach you, so time to get on with it and do what you need to do. If you don’t the situation will probably remain the same which will make you unhappier still. You might as well learn the lesson now because if you don’t it will still come later on. Just in another form and probably with another person.

Getting Your Soulmate to Change

Getting Your Soulmate to Change

It is much easier to start making the changes when you first identify them. Waiting, and hoping things will change on their own when the soulmate fairy waves her magic wand, will only delay your happiness. The longer it continues, the longer it stays the same. You don’t want to wait and allow this soulmate relationship you are so connected to turn into a dysfunctional relationship, so why not fix it now? We understand you may have fear and anxiety your soulmate may end your relationship. And if they do because you did what you were supposed to do and learned from the relationship, then you have still succeeded. We know that ending the relationship would make you unhappy, but you are unhappy anyway. If you find the courage to change though, you have a greater chance of success.

So what about your soulmate changing? Do we think they can change? Of course they can! Just as personal transformation is part of your life lessons and purpose within the soulmate agreement, it is also theirs. It is just as much their responsibility to grow and evolve. This is the real reason the soulmate relationship is in place. So the good news is that as you change, your soulmate will probably change also.

Whatever the situation is that needs changing, you do have the power within you to do it. You just need to identify what needs to change. If your soulmate relationship dynamic is making your unhappy, it obviously needs fixing or terminating. If it can be fixed, you can play a larger role in mending yourself. You just need to uncover what needs to be changed and subtly start making those changes.

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