If He is My Soulmate, Then Why am I Miserable?

If he’s my soulmate, then why am I miserable, is a thought many soulmates have on a daily basis. Many people believe soulmate relationships are those forged with long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners for two and endless nights of passionate sex. Unfortunately, this is highly unrealistic. We fantasize that one day our long missing soulmate will show up at our front door, shouting those words we long to hear, “You complete me!” Again, this is just wishful thinking.


If He is My Soulmate, Then Why am I Miserable?
If He is My Soulmate, Then Why am I Miserable?

Soulmate relationships are not intended to be a walk in the park. If you’re in a soulmate relationship, you might be facing some challenges. Your soulmate is in your life to encourage personal growth and spiritual awakening. This growth will take a lot of strength and courage. Soulmate life lessons can be difficult. Unfortunately, they have to be.

The first few months may be wonderful. But the rest of the time you feel like you’re stepping close to insanity. Your soulmate refuses to work on the relationship. Or get they help they need from a professional if they have become abusive. They’re unwilling to do anything to improve the dynamics of the relationship.


Why do they continue stay in such horrible situations? Usually the reply we hear is, “Because he’s my soulmate.” Some people believe they have no choice but to stay in a relationship due to their soulmate contract. Even though they try to detach from the relationship, they insist the connection reels them back in. They feel it’s their purpose to love this person. And they think their misery is part of their destiny. But does the Universe truly want you to be miserable? Of course not!

It really all comes down to choices. And even in soulmate relationships you have to take on responsibility for the choices you make. You’re miserable because you choose to stay in this dysfunctional relationship. You could instead choose to end your misery. The Universe is only responsible for bringing soulmates together. The choices you each make in your journey are what defines the relationship. Divine intervention can only do so much. Your soulmate is making the choose to make you miserable. What choice are you going to make?


You don’t have to stay in a relationship that’s no longer serving you. There’s a saying that misery loves company. If your partner is unhappy and going through their own depression, you could be feeling some of that as well. And if they’re unwilling to address it or get professional help, things will stay stuck. Or get worse. You may need to take a break from them or end it completely.  Don’t give in to the misery. Empower yourself to get out while you’re still sane. 

The Universe doesn’t want you to be unhappy. You can, however, allow yourself to stay stuck until you realize you’ve had enough. You won’t incur any negative karma from getting away from this relationship. You’re not violating any law of the Universe by leaving something that batters your self esteem and self worth. Sure you may love your soulmate. But you need to love yourself more. Get out while you still can and live to love another day with a new romantic partner. The Universe does gift us more than one soulmate. Perhaps standing in your power and leaving what is disempowering you is what they want you to do.


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  1. I am starting to wish I could break the connection between us. Its been 3 years of one thing after the other.


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