Soulmate Contract – Soulmate Agreement – Soulmate Blueprint

A soulmate contract, or agreement, is a contract we make with our soulmates before incarnation. Another soul agrees to assist you with lessons or experiences, and vice versa. We all have soul contracts with those we incarnate with over many lifetimes. Many people in the spiritual community refer to them as our soul family.

You have many soulmates in your lifetime. You come into each other’s lives for a time in order to learn a lesson and hopefully evolve into a better, more complete soul. We have these agreements to attain enlightenment or to address a karma issue from past lives.

We hold soul contracts with our life partner’s, family, friends, co-workers and even our pets. So before descending to Earth we decide upon certain lessons with these other souls. And with help from our guides and the Universe, these details are written into our soul contracts for each lifetime.


Depending on which life path you are on dictates what kind of support you will need and at what periods these soulmates make their appearance in your life. A soulmate contract is the point where your individual soul contract intersects with those of your soulmates. A soulmate contract contains many different elements, including the date and time of your meeting. Your individual souls, or higher selves, will know the timing. But it’s not something usually known by your earthbound personality. This is why we say soulmates meet under the guidelines of divine timing. And your soul agreement will also list the experiences that you require for the evolution of your soul.

So a soulmate contract will detail how you and your soulmate will help each other become the best version of yourselves. They will provide the growth for you. And you will provide growth for them. But your lessons may be different. While one of you may need to learn forgiveness in this lifetime, your spiritual counterpart may need to fully embrace unconditional love. Or you may need to release insecurities and fears that hold you back, while your soulmate may need to learn how to have a healthy relationship. So some soulmates will be romantic or love relationships but others will be ones that break your heart. And then you have to heal. But that is where the growth occurs.

Soulmate Contract - Soulmate Agreement - Soulmate Blueprint
Soulmate Contract 


These lessons provide the personal and spiritual growth we need for the evolution of our souls. After all, that’s why we are all here, to evolve our souls to the point of it’s final ascension. The greatest, and most difficult of these lessons, will come from soulmates. Everyone’s life has certain challenges and pinnacles and this is so true with soul connections. And this is why we always say a soulmate connection is both a blessing and curse. When in the flow, and both soulmates are honoring the connection, it’s the best thing in the world. But when things go south, as most soulmate relationships do, you feel you’re staring into the abyss of hell itself.

Here’s an example. So let’s say one of Anna’s lessons for her current life experience is to overcome her abandonment and trust issues when it comes to romantic love. What better way to learn that than with a soulmate? Well honestly, there isn’t. So Anna begins a relationship with George. And they quickly identify their soul connection and express their mutual love for each other. For the first few months they bask in the glow of their union. But suddenly George’s job assigns him to a six-month contract in another state. And obviously Anna can’t go with him.

So now comes the soulmate crisis point.

Anna is very upset and begs George not to go. But he has to leave as this will enhance his career. And with modern technologies its fairly easy to maintain a long distance relationship. Anna cries when George leaves although he promises her he’ll contact her daily. After his departure she descends into a pit of anxiety and obsession. She checks his social media on a daily looking for clues of other women. When his communication becomes less frequent, she blows up his phone with texts and calls. She is desperate to get him to answer her. But he doesn’t. And so now she assumes he’s ghosting her and just vanished completely from her life.

One morning, upon awakening, Anna decides she doesn’t want to live like this anymore. So she seeks counseling to overcome her anxiety and trust issues. After several months, she is feeling much more in control of her life. She works on empowering herself and not allowing herself to succumb to fears and insecurities again. And she is a changed woman. Although she never hears from George again, she doesn’t care. She loves the empowered, authentic life she is now living.


So many of you may be thinking at this point that George is just a dick. But is he? Didn’t he provide the impetus Anna needed to work through her issues? Why yes he did. He may not have provided them the way we would like to envision them. But he fulfilled his contract with her. By treating her the way he did, she consciously chose to address and deal with her issues head-on. And their soulmate agreement provided the healing she needed to become a better version of herself. So in reality, Anna’s higher self determines the contract is complete. But to her personality, it was just a painful life experience that creates change.

So what happens if a soulmate can’t complete their soulmate contract?

A soulmate, at anytime, can decide they can’t complete their soul contract but they can’t break it. This is why the Universe gives us all free will to make decisions for ourselves. That being said, if a soul can’t honor their agreement, they will have to deal with those same souls in subsequent lives. And with the same lessons. But they’re usually much harder to work through. So it’s better to address them in this lifetime.


What have you learned from your soulmate contract? Did you complete it? Our readers would love to hear your experiences, so please share them in our comments section.




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  1. she left , we met when her therapist said needed closure. We were apart for 2 years and married then in 3 months. Now apart again after 12 years marrage. How long will this departure be?


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