Do You Forgive Everything Your Soulmate Does?

Do you forgive everything your soulmate does? Does your soulmate drive you crazy with the things they do and say? If so, why do you forgive everything your soulmate does? You actually may be playing a part in a play you don’t want to be in.


If your soulmate is acting the fool, don’t play along with them. Yes, people do deserve second chances. But people also deserve the consequences of their actions. Why do you always get the consequences of their actions? Why not them? How can they understand how much damage they’re doing to your relationship if all you do is talk about their transgressions and then forgive them?

Talk is cheap. Talk rarely scares anyone and really isn’t a consequence anyone takes seriously. Don’t kid yourself and think your soulmate suffers when you have these long drawn out conversations about how bad they behaved and how much it hurt you. Those talks mean more to you than they do to them. If your words really hit their mark, or did what you intended them to do, your soulmate wouldn’t keep screwing up, would they? No, they wouldn’t.

Do You Forgive Everything Your Soulmate Does?
Do You Forgive Everything Your Soulmate Does?

You may think your soulmate is not afraid of losing you and that is why they keep doing it. Because they don’t care enough about you. Wrong. It’s because you repetitively show them, loudly and clearly, they can do anything and get away with it. So why should they be afraid? Past experience shows they shouldn’t be afraid, so they aren’t.


You can forgive the things your soulmate does, but you might want to change how and when you forgive them. Let’s say your soulmate decided to just stop talking to you, out of the blue. And for no good reason. You went crazy wondering what you did and why they are doing this. Days, weeks, and even months go by without a word from them. One day your phone rings or a text comes in. And it is from your soulmate wanting to talk.

Is the first thing that pops into your head is to talk to them or text back? Why?? How do they get to decide now the communication is back on? Why would you let someone not only decide when they can turn off communication with you, but when it goes back on? Of course they’re the one who turned it off, but it should be up to YOU when it goes back on.

If you talk or text back right away, even if it is to yell, say something nasty or reprimand them, they’re smart enough to know the communication is back on. You let them know that you’re still hurt, which means you still care. You let them know how much you still care because you couldn’t resist saying something back to them. Why would you be sending that signal out to them?

They know if you answer, even in a nasty way, that you’ll forgive them at some point. And is it any wonder why the next stupid thing they do will be even worse? You have to take control of the situation and behave like an adult who wants respect. Silence, sometimes is the best answer. Let them see how it feels to be you for a while. Show them instead of telling them. Maybe then they will get the idea and change their behavior so you wont have to forgive them for doing the same stupid things over and over again.


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