Past Lives – Were You With Your Soulmate in a Past Life?

Past Lives - Were You With Your Soulmate in a Past Life?

Most soulmates share several past lives together. When soulmates meet there’s an immediate connection. And although you don’t know them yet, you feel you already know them on a very deep level. Many spiritual practitioners attribute this to the two souls sharing past lives together. Have you ever met someone for the first time, but … Read more

Soulmate Contract – Soulmate Agreement – Soulmate Blueprint

Soulmate Contract - Soulmate Agreement - Soulmate Blueprint

A soulmate contract, or agreement, is a contract we make with our soulmates before incarnation. Another soul agrees to assist you with lessons or experiences, and vice versa. We all have soul contracts with those we incarnate with over many lifetimes. Many people in the spiritual community refer to them as our soul family. You … Read more

Predestined Relationships and Soulmates

Predestined Relationships and Soulmates

Many people believe in predestined relationships. We don’t believe predestined relationships exist in terms of we will be together no matter what. But we do believe destiny brings two people together through chance encounters or the aligning of the stars. While these may feel like serendipity or synchronicity, it’s more the karmic agreement you have … Read more

Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

breaking the soulmate connection

A soulmate contract is the agreement between you and soulmate. If you have more than one soulmate, you will have several contracts. It’s the commitment you make with them to provide some valuable life lessons. They will bring spiritual growth and define your character. SOULMATE LESSONS ARE NOT FOR THE WEAK Whenever we’re working to … Read more