Soulmate Connection Both a Blessing and a Curse

Many of you who are experiencing a soulmate connection are unable to get your soulmate out of your thoughts.  On any given day your soulmate could be the furthest thing from their mind, when out of the blue you are inundated with thoughts of them. Even when trying to keep your soulmate out of your mind by disconnecting and focusing your attention on other things, thoughts of them continue to flood your thoughts.  We bet most of you, who share this experience, will agree when we say it is both a blessing and a curse.

Empathy is the ability to share and experience the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another human being. An empathic soulmate connection is very different from the spiritual one because it is based on feelings.  When faced with this type of soulmate connection, some of you may think you are going insane. You could feel completely out of control when it comes to the strong emotions you feel toward their soulmate. What you may fail to realize, however, is that the emotions you feel and experience come from your soulmate via this empathic soulmate connection.

Soulmate Connection Both a Blessing and a Curse

Soulmate Connection Both a Blessing and a Curse

For example, you could be having a wonderful day where everything is just going right and then  BAM!… you find yourself crying uncontrollably with no clue as to why. You feel sad, gloomy or depressed but are unable to locate the cause of your melancholy. You know you have absolutely no reason for you downer mood, but you certainly have one.

When you have an empathic connection with your soulmate, you pick up their feelings as well. They come out of nowhere and come on strong. It is your way of reading their emotions by feeling them yourself. If a soulmate relationship is on the right track, this can be a good thing. You will sense your soulmate’s mood and emotions and be able to offer support, sympathy, humor or strength to them without them having to ask. You will know instinctively what they need from you. If your soulmate relationship is rocky, then this empathic soulmate connection can really drive you crazy.

If you are an emotional and compassionate person to begin with, it is most likely you will have an empathic connection with your soulmate. First and foremost, to get it under control and in the right perspective you have to call it for what it is. It is not yours! When a sudden flow of emotion comes on, don’t just go with it. Quickly ask yourself if these feelings are what you should be feeling right now, or if they are coming from somewhere else. Once you recognize what emotions do not belong to you, you can keep them from overwhelming you. This allows you to know what your soulmate is feelings at that moment.

Instead of using it against yourself by going with the sadness and despair, you can use it for your own benefit. For instance, if you wonder how your soulmate is handling time away from you, the emotional roller coaster from hell you just felt is your answer. Your soulmate is going through hell. This may not be the way you want to find out how your soulmate feels, but as long as you use it for information instead of letting it get to you, it will not be so bad. With practice, you can learn to send it back to them.

When your soulmate sends you feelings you cannot handle or do not want, send it back. Recognize the emotions you are feeling  are not yours and that you will not accept them as your own. Have an internal dialogue where you send them back to your soulmate (and any other message you would like) and let them go.

If your soulmate is resisting the connection between the two of you, or not treating you well, do not act on those emotions being sent to you. Do not use them as an excuse to make contact. Consider this a gift from the universe. The powers that be are letting you know how your soulmate is doing emotionally, and you must leave it at that. Your soulmate has their own lessons to learn and the connection to accept. They must learn they have the power to stop feeling this way, gloomy and sad, by doing the right thing.

An empathic soulmate connection is another level of soulmate bonding. There is the good and the bad of it, like with everything else. Once you are your soulmate are on the right track, you will be very grateful for this gift to share and experience each others feelings and emotions.



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  3. I’m feeling this as well. And let me tell you, it is a roller coaster ride! Always going up and down no matter what. but when I feel their connection, it is probably one of the best moments. You’ll always be smiling! Sometimes sad.

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  7. Is it possible to lose the connection with a soulmate? Does this mean the soul contract is over? I noticed that I no longer feel his presence around me, nor his emotions. Today I felt nothing even while in the same room with him…

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  11. My husband and I are separated and have this connection and I can tell you first hand that it is a curse. I don’t know how to stop feeling what he’s feeling and he can’t stop feeling what I’m feeling. We feel violated and like we can’t have any thoughts kept to ourselves. Especially with us not being together I know everything that he’s doing and he knows what I’m doing. It’s just awful.

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  13. Yes it is a double edged sword.

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