Soulmate Healing Through Soulmate Relationships

Healing occurs on many levels in soulmate relationships.

We don’t mean soulmates physically heal one another. Instead they bring to the surface the old emotional wounds and damage they need to address.

Most of us have dealt with trauma or issues in the past that we have simply chosen to ignore or push down. We didn’t take the time and use the energy needed to heal. When old wounds follow us they rear their ugly heads when triggered. The presence of a soulmate in your life forces these issues to the surface. It’s the way the Universe makes you deal with them one way or another.


For instance, let’s say you were cheated on in two of your past relationships. If you did not do what was necessary to heal yourself of that hurt, you will carry major trust issues in your future relationships. You will find yourself becoming jealous, and acting out of jealousy, for little or no reason.

This will to send a red flag to your soulmate. It will also keep your soulmate relationship from evolving. Now it’s not up to your soulmate to fix your insecurities and heal your past wounds. They simply become the mirror that reflects back to you all wounds you have that YOU need to stop shoving under the rug.

Soulmate Healing
Soulmate Healing Through Soulmate Relationships

This is the one relationship where faith is at its very core.

If you believe in soulmates then you have to have faith in your soulmate connection. You need to realize you’re in a safe place to talk about your past and the issues that have developed over the time because of them.

It’s not up to your soulmate to make exceptions for you or enable you to keep acting inappropriately because of your baggage. It’s up to you to finally face your demons and get rid of them before you lose your soulmate.

So, when your soulmate does something hurtful to you or is behaving badly don’t excuse their behavior! Don’t keep giving them a get out of jail free card! You’re supposed to help them heal, not enable them to stop confronting their issues.

You’ve gotten it all wrong if you think cutting your soulmate unnecessary slack is doing them a favor. In actuality you’re doing the worst thing you possibly can do. You are opening up an old wound and pouring salt in it.

Is it any wonder why the problems and issues keep arising over and over again?

It’s because there has been no healing and the wound just gets larger and larger. No one but a soulmate can truly shake you up and bring everything to the surface. A soulmate is the one person you could change for. You wouldn’t make life changes for just anyone would you? No, of course you wouldn’t. But for your soulmate? Yes.

For true soulmate healing you have to be open with one another. There should be true emotional intimacy between you. You also have to hold one another to a higher standard. You both have to live your lives authentically. No more hiding, no more pretending, no more excuses and no more enabling.

Many people speak of twin flames also healing one another. We are of the belief that twin flames have already done all the hard work individually and therefore no healing really is required. It all depends on which label you want to use for yourself and your partner and what your belief is. If you believe in twin flame healing then this article applies as well, just simply switch labels.

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