Lies Between Soulmates Will Destroy Your Relationship

Lies between soulmates will destroy the trust in their relationship. One lie often leads to many more. Once you lie, you often have to create more lies to backup your original lie.

Many people try to find truth in lies and that’s a big mistake. Its shocking and disappointing to catch a soulmate in lies. Always remember that a spiritual connection is between two people. And people are human, therefore they’re not perfect. But lies between soulmates can damage their spiritual connection.


When your soulmate lies to you, everything they say to back up that lie most likely won’t be the truth. So many people have a difficult time understanding this concept. Instead they focus on each and every statement, not knowing which are lies and what is truth. It’s hard to know what, if anything, to believe at that point.

A good rule of thumb is to realize any statements supporting a lie have to be a lie. How can the truth backup a lie?

Let’s say your soulmate goes to a strip club with his co-workers, knowing full well you’ll go ballistic. Your soulmate doesn’t want to tell you because he knows you’ll be angry. So he tells you they went to dinner at the local steak house. So now every question you ask your soulmate about their evening has to be a lie, doesn’t it? They didn’t go to the steak house, so how could they tell you about it without lying? They can’t. And now your soulmate has to make up a ton of nonsense to back up their original lie.

Let’s fast forward a few days later. You hang up your soulmate’s jacket and a napkin from the strip club falls out of his pocket. And of course this sets you off big time. So you call your soulmate at work. You ask him again where he went with his co-workers. And again he says he went to the steakhouse. Now you call your soulmate a filthy liar and explain how you found the napkin in their pocket.


So he tells you that you’re being ridiculous. And then says he was in someone else’s car and needed to wipe his hands. And this was the only napkin the driver had in the car. Your soulmate says he put it in his pocket after using it. He also says he didn’t even know the napkin was from a strip club! So he yells back at you saying you’re too controlling, too suspicious and he can’t believe you don’t trust him. He says, right before hanging up on you, he really doesn’t know how to feel about you right now.

Lies Between Soulmates Will Destroy Your Relationship
Lies Between Soulmates Will Destroy Your Relationship

Now you’re left with the phone in your hand wondering if you made a huge mistake. You aren’t sure you completely believe him. But then again, you also feel guilty for accusing him and making such a big deal. What if your soulmate really is telling the truth? You’re also hurt by everything he said about you. And you can’t believe your soulmate really thinks you’re controlling. Does he really think you’re suspicious?

You worry your soulmate thinks you don’t trust him and how hurt and insulted they are. And you especially worry if this has changed their feelings for you. Stop right there.


You’re taking lies used to back up another lie as the truth. In most cases your soulmate doesn’t think or feel those things. They just created more lies to make the story look legit. And he had to say something. They were in defensive mode and said things to put you on the defensive. The best way to back off someone on the offense is to make them go on defense. And that’s exactly how your soulmate played it. So you shouldn’t really take those words to heart or over analyze them. Especially if they never said those things before.

So always keep in mind, that where you find one lie, you will find many. Stop over analyzing lies. And stop questioning your common sense as well. You have a right to question your soulmate when you catch them in a lie. It’s a totally rational thing to do. And there’s a good reason to question them as well. So don’t feel guilty about any of that.

How you react to it is another story. As well as how they react to your questions. If your soulmate has lied to you before, it’s reasonable that you can’t believe or trust them in the future. Your soulmate needs to accept that’s the consequences of lying to you. They broke the trust, not you. So they have no right to get offended when you doubt the things they say. This is obviously a soulmate lesson for both of you, to be open, honest, and committed to the boundaries the two of you set for your relationship. Lies between soulmates will ruin your relationship.

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