Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media and Other Means

Are you stalking your soulmate on social media? You try your hardest not to keep stalking your soulmate but find yourself giving in. Checking your soulmate’s social media accounts has become a daily activity. And you check their friends, family or partners social media accounts. You may even check their phone when they leave it on the table. Driving by the home, workplace or other hangouts is part on your schedule. You try to stop. But just can’t seem to stop.


Don’t trust your soulmate? Is it because you’re estranged or broken up? Are you insecure and feel the need to find out what they’re up to? Has your soulmate been acting strangely and won’t explain why? Is your inner voice telling you that something is going on and that’s why you are stalking your soulmate?

What is it that you’re hoping to find out about that makes you feel the need to stalk them this way? If you’ve been doing this, have you found out any valuable information? There is nothing wrong with doing a little checking here and there if you’re in a relationship and something seems a bit off. But if you find yourself having to do these things often, you need to stop.

Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media
Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media


Stalking your soulmate isn’t going to cure what is wrong with your relationship. And especially if you’re not going to do anything with the information. So what happens if you get caught? If you’re an insecure, fix your insecurity on your own. Because stalking isn’t going to fix your insecurity. It will only feed the urge to keep doing it. Without trust a relationship can’t grow. So stop the stalking your soulmate and try another method of getting your insecurities squashed.

If your soulmate has given you a valid reason to be insecure, then it is up to them to help you get over that. If they won’t, then it may be time for a break. If you soulmate disappears or you catch them texting other people then one of you has to do something. Either your soulmate stops the bad behavior or you have to put your foot down. What will stalking do if you catch them you don’t do anything about it? Nothing. It just lets them know they can get away with it. And they will do it again.

What you allow will continue.

So if you’re a soulmate stalker be prepared to do something with the information you find. Otherwise there’s not point to this but self-torture. It’s a symptom of a bigger problem in your soulmate relationship. And if you don’t fix it, don’t expect stalking to cure it. Because it won’t.

If you’re not together, of course there’s a temptation to stalk them. But what does it get you? It helps you stay stuck. It keeps them on your mind and in the cycle of insecurity. And it gives you countless hours of worry, wasted time, wasted energy and feeds your fears.┬áIt feeds your obsession and makes you weak.

It can trigger a call, text or email to them that you shouldn’t make. So it holds your mind, body, and soul hostage. And let’s face it, you aren’t finding out anything that’s helpful to you. You’re just subjecting yourself to behavior that’s beneath you. You feel ashamed of yourself. You feel like a loser. So why keep stalking your soulmate? Deal with an estranged soulmate when they come back. If they come back. Otherwise live your life instead of stalking theirs. It’s the only way to stay strong and empowered.


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  1. Yes!, I am stalking my soul mate through social media.I got tempted because we are not together . But it makes me more obsessed with him and I fail to get focused and enjoy my life. I saw some pictures on the socoal media which made me jealous. As a result, I had to upload some pictures on my profile hoping to to make him jealous.
    I must stop, It is not healthy.


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