Have You Lost Trust in Your Soulmate?

Have you lost trust in your soulmate? Have they done or said things causing you to distrust them? Does your soulmate have so many issues you’re not sure you can believe a single word they say? Do you wish you could trust your soulmate but you can’t because of your past? It’s hard for many people to trust anyone these days. And some people’s integrity is just lost. It’s a real shame. But it’s become easier to lie and break someone’s trust.


So what can you do if you no longer trust in your soulmate? Is there a way to rebuild it. Or is it a losing battle?
When you trust someone, you believe their words and actions will support them. You believe they will be faithful and truthful to you. And you believe they’ll keep their promises and your confidences. Basically you believe they will mean what they say and say what they mean. When someone breaks a promise, the promise they broke may not be such a big deal. But it’s a huge deal that they broke their promise.

Let’s say your soulmate promises to take you to the movies this weekend. The weekend comes. But you truthfully don’t feel like going to the movies. Your soulmate comes to you and tells you they made other plans. And they can’t keep the date. You didn’t really want to go. So you’re not mad or disappointed about not going to the movies. But you’re very upset and disappointed that they broke a promise.

Have You Lost Trust in Your Soulmate?
Have You Lost Trust in Your Soulmate?


Many people don’t realize the significance of breaking promises and not staying true to their word. They’re actually shocked when people lose faith in them. They don’t realize their words are their currency. And each time they lie, or break a promise, they diminish the value of their words and the level of trust that goes with it. Your soulmate needs to understand their words meant nothing. So for your soulmate to use words to rebuild your trust in them again is absolutely ridiculous. How could that possibly work? It can’t.

If your soulmate wants you reinstate the faith that was lost, it will have to come through their words and actions. It was their actions (in most cases) that destroyed your trust. And only through their actions will the trust return. Make them aware of that. Words are not going to cut it, actions will.

You both need to understand trust can’t come back instantly just because you have a lovely conversation about it. Once it’s lost it takes a long time to rebuild. You can’t bring it back in one conversation or in one week. Your soulmate has to accept that it could take months, or longer. They’re going to have to do the work to restore your faith in them. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for not trusting them. Your soulmate proved to be untrustworthy which was not your fault. You wanted to trust them. But they broke it and now they have to repair it. All you are required to do is give them the chance to rebuild the lost trust. If both parties are open to it, trust can be rebuilt in soulmate relationships.

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  1. After some of the things my soul mate has done it is hard to trust them. They have lied numerous times. They have cheated on me. They have done so many things the trust is just gone.


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