Social Media Can Ruin Soulmate Relationships

Social media can ruin soulmate relationships. Many people use social media to keep in touch with family, friends, loved ones and even strangers. Social media started out as a great, positive way to draw us closer to people who may be geographically far away.


But all good things have a bad side. And social media has ruined many relationships with friends, family members and romantic partners. Even soulmates.

So how did such a good idea become a bad one? Well for starters, social media has become a way for us to make our personal feelings public. And this isn’t always a good thing. A private matter often becomes fodder for anyone to leave comments or advice. But they truly have no business involving themselves in your relationships.

In the old days we minded our own business. But in this day and age, it seems we choose to mind everyone’s business. Privacy has gone out the window. And it has taken a toll on our private lives.

When we can’t speak our minds to the one who offends or hurts us, we speak our mind to the world by posting about it on Facebook or Twitter. Of course it may feel good to get things off our chest. But does it really get us anywhere or just cause more damage?

In many cases soulmate relationships under the social media microscope simply become more dysfunctional. The damage is done and once something is put “out there”, there is no taking it back.

Social Media Can Ruin Soulmate Relationships
Social Media Can Ruin Soulmate Relationships


And why do we feel the need to air all our dirty laundry for all to see? Are we really seeking help with our soulmate relationship problems? Or is this just another way to childishly act out?

Does it really matter if 900 of your Twitter followers agree you’re in the right in an argument you have with your soulmate? Does their opinion or feelings on the matter really mean anything to you? Shouldn’t it be between you and your soulmate?

Think of a soulmate relationship like a country. Only the people in that country get a vote and decide the rules and laws. They have to adhere to them, and work out their problems, to keep the country running smoothly. No one outside that country gets to determine policy or have a vote.

So why do we think it’s a good idea to get outsiders help when they’re not part of the relationship?

Getting advice privately may have a certain benefit. But that you can get PRIVATELY from your friends and family. You don’t need to disclose private details of your life to someone you know only because you both play Candy Crush or some other Facebook game, do you?

Our private lives should be more private They should be worked on privately or with the help of a professional. Social media should not be used as a tool to fight with, hurt, or publicly embarrass someone you claim to love. When you do things like that, it can take all the intimacy out of your soulmate relationship. Who wants to share their innermost thoughts and feelings knowing they may someday be part of a social media rant?

What are your thoughts about airing your grievances with your soulmate on social media? Has social media created problems in your soulmate relationship?

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