Have You Lost Your Dignity with Your Soulmate?

Have you lost your dignity with your soulmate? Has your connection caused to behave in a manner that is less than dignified? Have you allowed feelings for your soulmate to cloud your judgment? And do you allow disrespect and unhealthy behavior in your relationship?

Do you look at your soulmate relationship and wonder where your self-respect went? When your soulmate acts out and treats you horribly what do you do? Do you let them know you won’t tolerate that kind of treatment and show them behave in a dignified manner? Or do you allow this unfair treatment? If so you let your dignity go.


When the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, and you constantly let someone off easily, you can’t keep your dignity in the process. Furthermore, if you accept punishments from your soulmate that you don’t deserve, you’re again doing your self-respect a disservice. Self-esteem comes from yourself. Even if someone doesn’t treat you with dignity it doesn’t affect your dignity. But when you allow someone to treat you badly, it negatively impacts your dignity. It all comes from you. It’s up to you to preserve both your dignity and self-respect. No one can take it from you, you must give it away. So stop giving it away, it isn’t doing you or the soulmate relationship any good.

Have You Lost Your Dignity with Your Soulmate?
Have You Lost Your Dignity?

The Universe didn’t put you two together to accept their horrible treatment of you. Sorry, that decision made between you and your soulmate. The Universe gave you the connection to use for the good of your relationship. And not to undermine both of you in the process. What you do with your connection is on you. So if your soulmate relationship is chaos, stop feeding into it. Step back, and let your soulmate spin out of control by themselves. Don’t let them pull you into the tornado. Preserve your dignity instead.


When your soulmate is ready to rise to a higher level, deal with them at that point. Stop following them down the rabbit hole and expect to find normalcy. Stop using your soulmate connection as an excuse to throw your dignity away. If your soulmate doesn’t treat you with dignity, they don’t have any themselves. You have a chance to teach your soulmate a lesson about dignity, and how to nourish their own and yours. You also have a chance to join them by losing your own dignity along with them. And how could that bring a positive result to a relationship? It can’t, so don’t do it.

Neither of you should allow others to disrespect your relationship. But if you and your soulmate are acting undignified towards one another, how can anyone else treat your relationship with respect? They will all just think you two are in a dysfunctional relationship. Because without both of you holding on to your dignity, that’s exactly what kind of relationship you will be in.

Don’t feel you have to be with one another 24/7 at the expense of your own individual goals and dreams. You can have time for yourselves and have some separate goals. You don’t have to make their life your priority all the time either. Your life has to matter to. You don’t have to agree on everything and have the same opinions of everything. You can disagree or see things differently, and have your own voice. That is how people with dignity behave. That is how healthy couples behave.

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  1. Very well written. Sometimes I’ve been so caught up in the idea of the soulmate experience that I forget myself, my values, and my own goals because I’m only thinking of him and his needs. Being in separation has helped to bring me back to myself.


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