When Your Soulmate Isn’t Ready What Should You Do?

What can you do when your soulmate isn’t ready for you?

Should you try to convince them your connection is real? Is it time to plead your case that a relationship between the both of you would be a great idea right now? Should you explain to them the reasons why they should give the two of you a chance?


The answer to those questions is no. You can’t do anything when your soulmate isn’t ready. It totally sucks, we understand that. It’s not fair you can’t do anything to change their mind and make them ready. But the truth is, they have issues they obviously have to deal with. And talking to you isn’t going to solve or fix those issues. It’s going to take some time and work on your soulmate’s part to get ready for a relationship with you.

When Your Soulmate Isn't Ready What Should You Do?
When Your Soulmate Isn’t Ready What Should You Do?

How long will it take? It could take a long time, we’re sorry to say. It will be hard to deal with, of course. But how hard is up to you. You can make yourself miserable by dwelling on it every minute of the day.

You could stalk their social media to see what they’re up to. You could try and spend time with them to convince them how good you are together and how happy they would be with you. You can be friends in the interim and torture yourself on a daily basis.

All those ideas suck.

And unless you’re a sadist, won’t do anything productive for you. In actuality, they’ll keep you stuck and possibly prevent you both from working on yourselves. You may think you’re ready for a relationship with your soulmate, but look at what this experience has shown you about yourself.

Has this encounter with your soulmate made you do things that you know are the wrong thing to do? Have you sacrificed your self-respect and/or dignity to keep things going?

Well, that is not what the universe wanted from you, so you are obviously not as ready as you like to think you are. While they are getting ready to accept your connection, you have some work to do on yourself. You need to be strong, and remind yourself that you know what you should not allow and when you should put your foot down.

You need to stop worrying about losing your soulmate and strengthen your faith.

How can you say you believe you have a spiritual connection with someone but have no faith in it? Makes no sense. And what else should you use to deal with a soulmate issue other than faith? Touch base with your spiritual side. Continue on your spiritual journey. Allow your soulmate the chance to awaken and join you on that path. Someone has to start the soulmate journey, and that person is you. Lead the way, and they will follow.

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