When a Soulmate Enters Your Life, Something Must Exit

When a soulmate enters your life, something must also exit your life. This goes for both of you.

A soulmate entering your life brings up certain behaviors, ways of thinking and lifestyles that have to go. For the couple to thrive they must let go of what is no longer serving them.

If you’re getting new furniture, you would have to get rid of the old stuff to make room. Soulmate relationships require some house cleaning, and it is hard work. This disposal of bad habits and ways of thinking provides the spiritual growth that is the purpose of soulmate relationships.


For instance, let’s say you meet your soulmate and you’re currently in a bad relationship that should’ve ended a long time ago. It’s pretty obvious what’s going to have to exit, isn’t it? It’s not working for you anyway.

So one would think it would be easy to let something like that go. The sad thing is most people fight letting go of what really needs to go. It may be very hard to understand, because it doesn’t make sense. But you’d be surprised how hard it is for people to change. Many people hang on to exactly what is holding them back in life.

When a Soulmate Enters Your Life, Something Must Exit
When a Soulmate Enters Your Life, Something Must Exit

A soulmate enters at pivotal times to make it easier to let go of things that are no longer serving you. We all make excuses, in one way or another, for doing things we know aren’t good for us.

Soulmates are there to help get the strength we need to live better lives and make better choices. They’re to help us get on a path that would ensure us a happier life. Many people would never make the changes necessary unless a soulmate appears on the scene. This is why so often soulmates meet when one or both are currently in a relationship.


Self-destructive behaviors are another thing that must exit when a soulmate enters your life. These self-destructive behaviors are not to be enabled by soulmates. So many couples let their soulmate get away with too much too often. This has a negative impact on the relationship.

Instead, they’re meant to show their partner a better way. Instead of sinking to their level, they’re supposed to lift their soulmate up to theirs. By taking a stand and enforcing boundaries the couple rise higher together. Without getting rid of their bad relationship skills and acquiring new ones, that goal will not be achieved.

If one or both soulmates are workaholics, they don’t really have time for a relationship. They’re too busy focusing on their careers and living a life that sacrifices love for their career goals. So when a soulmate enters, their workaholic lifestyle has to exit the picture.

They have to make time for their soulmate and put an appropriate amount of time and energy into the relationship. It’s not up to their soulmate to accept them being a workaholic and put up with them have little or no time for them. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your career goals or quit your job. It’s about maintaining a balance. Having a balanced life affects all areas in your life in a positive way. When your life is off balance, everything suffers.

So if you are hoping to meet your soulmate, remember they come with sacrifices. Not of your self-respect and dignity. But of all that is holding you back and diverting you off your path. You are going to have to let go in order for the relationship to be happy and healthy.

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