Soulmate Games: The Games Soulmates Play

Soulmate games are pretty much the same games everyone plays in other types of relationships.The big difference, however, is that soulmates tend to get away with more than others. Many people believe soulmates should be above playing games. The truth is, that is how it should be, but the fact is, that is not how it is.

It would be nice to glamorize and romanticize soulmate relationships and believe they are perfect relationships with a magical connection. The real truth is, many soulmates use that connection as a way to get away with relationship homicide. It makes sense on one hand that we would give our soulmate more leeway than we would any other person.

Since we feel such a strong bond with a soulmate, we are more prone to allow bad behavior and words slide by the wayside. After all, this is such a special, one of a kind person, we would try harder to keep them around rather than end the relationship. But doesn’t it also make sense that we should try to hold that person to a higher standard since the bond itself is of a higher standard? Isn’t the label of soulmate itself a higher standard?

Soulmate Games: The Games Soulmates Play

Soulmate Games: The Games Soulmates Play

When we speak to people they don’t ask about meeting someone they could love that would love them in return. Nope, not good enough, they want a soulmate. Ok, fine. So you only want a top of the line love interest. But why would you allow the relationship to be dragged through the gutter and let it be soiled and ruined. That makes no sense. Why buy a Chanel purse only to drop it into a puddle of mud? If something has value to you, shouldn’t you treat it as valuable?

If a soulmate relationship is valuable to you, that means YOU are included. If you allow yourself to be played, manipulated, cheated on or lied to you are treating this rare relationship disrespectfully. Even if your soulmate is playing soulmate games with you, you don’t have to put up with it. Soulmates tend to use their soulmate connection to gain the upper hand. They may push every button they can of yours to see how you react. The more you let them get away with, the more buttons they push.

They are playing the “I’m not sure how I feel about you anymore” game? Don’t totally freak out, and don’t let them get away with it. Tell them to get out of your face until they figure it out. It is not up to you to plead your case and beg. That is going down into the mud with them and puts you in the place of total disempowerment. Stand tall and stand up to them.

One of the soulmate games they like to play is breaking up with you all the time only to come back. Instead of obsessing about when and if they are coming back, make it harder on them when they DO come back. You could also break up with them when you see it coming. Take control of the situation, because the game they are playing is one of a control freak, playing with your emotions.

The bottom line is just because you found your soulmate does not mean you wont encounter any soulmate games. It is important you take the steps necessary to maintain a healthy soulmate relationship. Always play it smart, with your head, or you will wind up losing every game they play.


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