Your Insecurities are Damaging Your Soulmate Relationship

If you have major insecurities a soulmate relationship will either heal it because it forces you to shed them or make them worse because you become more insecure with each passing day. A soulmate relationship is supposed to help you work through and release your personal issues so your soulmate experience is a positive one.

What winds up happening far too frequently, is that insecurities get worse with soulmate relationships. We have seen, too many times to count, very confident and self-assured people become insecure, clingy, needy folks once they meet their soulmate. So why does that happen?

Your Insecurities are Damaging Your Soulmate Relationship

Insecurities are Damaging Your Soulmate Relationship

With soulmate connections people find themselves feeling deeper, stronger emotions than they ever felt before. They never had a fear of losing someone because they never met someone who they felt they could not live without. This can open up the floodgates of insecurities because the situation is so new, so unique, and so special. You find yourself facing insecurities you never thought you would have. You fear losing your soulmate. How you handle these insecurities is up to you.

For the best result for yourself and your relationship, it is best to go with faith. You have seen for yourself and experienced for yourself the strength of the connection between the two of you. Hold on to that. Acknowledge that. Have faith in that. Regardless of what is going on between you and your soulmate at the time, hold on to that connection. It is real. It is stronger than either of you.

It goes both ways, and it cannot be turned on and off like a light switch. Sure, you had a fight. So what? So does every couple. Soulmates fight just as hard, if not harder, than other couples because their emotions run so high. It is not the end of the world, so don’t let your insecurities get the better of you.

Insecurities will not go away over time, they will only get worse over time if you feed them. If your insecurities with your soulmate make you do stupid things, and things that are beneath you, you will only wind up more insecure. You won’t get more confidence in your soul mate relationship by behaving like an insecure reality show contestant. You know better, so do better. Do not let your insecurities, or your soulmates, get the better of you.

If your soulmate is constantly accusing you or making you feel that you need to prove your love and commitment to them all the time, stop doing so at once. You are not doing them any favors. Unless your past transgressions have given them good reason to be insecure with you, it is not your job to get rid of their insecurities. It is theirs. Leave them to it and stop feeding their insecurities, because you are not doing anything productive.

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