Allowing Bad Behavior Because of Soulmate Connection

Do you allow bad behavior because you’re soulmates? Supporting bad behavior seems to be a trend with many  soulmates. And they wouldn’t tolerate it in any other relationship.


Why are soulmates lowering their relationship standards when they should be raising them higher? How is the connection an excuse for putting up with words and actions that no one with self-respect and dignity should? Why do you both think he right thing to do is the wrong thing to do in every other situation? How does doing the wrong thing make things go right between the two of you? Well it doesn’t.

Allowing bad behavior ensures your soulmate will continue behaving badly. Allowing it leads to bad soulmate relationships. This doesn’t create a happy future (or present) relationship between the two of you. Why should soulmates sabotage their chance at having the best relationship of their life? Well, fear and a lack of it, is the reason.

Allowing Bad Behavior Because of Soulmate Connection
Allowing Bad Behavior

The soulmate who is being enabled has no fear of consequences, so they keep repeating their patterns. These bad behaviors then become bad habits which are incredibly difficult to break. The other soulmate, the enabler, is the fearful one. They’re afraid if they ask their soulmate to step up to the plate, or put their foot down, their soulmate will walk away. Their fear and insecurity guides their behavior.


And what will continue is the fighting, the disappointment and the hurt feelings. Not exactly a good relationship. Oh, it will be good for one of them, the one without fear. They will do whatever they want and get away with it. But in reality, they’re behaving in a way the universe never intended. So karma will be coming their way at a certain point. They know what they’re doing is wrong and will get the karma that comes with it.

The one allowing the bad behavior will get their karma too. Because they have not actively participated in the lessons their soulmate needs to grow. So if you really want to make your soulmate relationship work in a healthy, evolved way, let go of the fear. Stop allowing the bad behavior and stop making excuses for your soulmate.

Stand up, put your foot down and start behaving like a healthy, respected adult. Create change before your relationship becomes so imbalanced and dysfunctional that neither one of you are truly happy anymore. Even soulmate relationships can sour. And one of the top ways (if not the top way) is by allowing bad behavior to ruin what could be a great, spiritually sound relationship.

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  1. I really have to summon up the courage to create some strong boundaries and stop letting him get away with so much.


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