Types of Soulmates – What’s Your Soulmate Type?

Types of Soulmates - What's Your Soulmate Type?

We all have several soulmates in our lifetimes as well as different types of soulmates. Soul connections come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most people consider the soulmate connection to be a divine romantic partnership. But we have soul connections with friends and family members, work colleagues and even our furry friends. Soulmates … Read more

Soulmate Contract – Soulmate Agreement – Soulmate Blueprint

Soulmate Contract - Soulmate Agreement - Soulmate Blueprint

A soulmate contract, or agreement, is a contract we make with our soulmates before incarnation. Another soul agrees to assist you with lessons or experiences, and vice versa. We all have soul contracts with those we incarnate with over many lifetimes. Many people in the spiritual community refer to them as our soul family. You … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem in Your Soulmate Relationship

10 Ways to Improve Self Esteem in Your Soulmate Relationship

Self-esteem is the basis of how you see yourself, your life, and so much more. When you have low self-esteem it will negatively impact your soulmate relationship. And it will also cause you to make poor choices when your soulmate is involved. Unless you begin some serious work on your your low self-esteem, it will … Read more

Soulmate Alchemy Creates Personal and Spiritual Growth

Soulmate Alchemy

Soulmate alchemy is important for all soulmate relationships. But what is soulmate alchemy? As individuals we must experience alchemical transformation. And we must do that for the soulmate relationship to overcome challenges and obstacles to soulmate union. Stages of Soulmate Alchemy Soulmates are gifted an everlasting connection but there’s still much work to be done. … Read more

Soulmate Crisis Point

Soulmate Crisis Point

We talk about the soulmate crisis point in many of our articles. So we are explaining it here so there is greater understanding of this difficult period most, if not all, soulmate couples will face. THIS IS MAGICAL AND IT WILL LAST FOREVER The moment of union with your soulmate for the first time is … Read more

Soulmate Challenges Provide Spiritual and Personal Growth

Soulmate Challenges

Soulmate challenges are all par for the course. Very few couples are actually prepared for what is to come. You may be dying to meet your soulmate but have no idea what you are in for. Soulmate relationships are where we learn the lessons. And we believe twin flame relationships are where we apply those … Read more