Types of Soulmates – What’s Your Soulmate Type?

We all have several soulmates in our lifetimes as well as different types of soulmates. Soul connections come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most people consider the soulmate connection to be a divine romantic partnership. But we have soul connections with friends and family members, work colleagues and even our pets.

Soulmates are in our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Of course some soulmates stick around for the duration. But others leave when their purpose in our lives is complete. Soulmates will come in and out of our lives. But they’re all necessary for our spiritual growth, just as we’re essential to theirs.


Friendship soulmates.

There is a saying, “besties for life”. We can use this to describe our soul friends. In his book Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom, John O’Donohue describes Anam Cara as a phrase that refers to the Celtic concept of the “soul friend” in religion and spirituality. This is someone with whom you can share your deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams.

You click with each other and they know you better than you know yourself. And vice versa. Even though you may move away to other sides of the planet from each other, the friendship stays as strong as the day you meet. These types of soulmates are in your inner circle and stay there for life. And they will be there for you, always.

Romantic soulmates.

Romantic soulmates is probably the most common type of soulmate and the one most people attribute to soulmate connections. Most romantic soulmate connections begin with an instant connection. And there’s usually the feeling you know them. Sparks fly between you as you share your life stories with each other. This could be love at first sight. But it’s really more about the soul recognition between you.

Many romantic soulmates are teachers and they don’t stay in our lives forever. They come into our lives for a season or a reason. And they’re meant to connect with us to teach us about ourselves and to learn from us. The lessons they provide will be meaningful, and sometimes painful. While we’re in the midst of the lesson itself, it’s difficult to see the point of it all. It’s only afterwards, when we reflect back on our time with them, that we truly see how they inspired us.

These types of soulmates come to wake us up and to shake things up. And it’s usually to challenge us to become better versions of ourselves. After the honeymoon phase of the first few months, many romantic soulmates enter the roller coaster phase. And now it’s time to hold on for dear life as you enter into the time where changes will happen.

Types of Soulmates - What's Your Soulmate Type?
Types of Soulmates – What’s Your Soulmate Type?

Not all romantic soulmates go through painful experiences to facilitate their growth. There are some soulmate couples who attain their transformations as a result of the soulmate union to reach their happily ever after.

Soulmate Partners.

Soulmate partners meet with the same magical qualities as romantic soulmates. But the main difference in these two two types of soulmates is soulmate partners will last a lifetime. While romantic soulmates must work through difficult experiences to transform themselves, soulmate partners will work together. This is the type of soulmate union all soulmate relationships can reach, IF both soulmates are willing to do the work to get there.

Soulmate partners support one another through their spiritual journey. They walk the same spiritual path together. They’re aware of what each other needs and reflect it back to their partners. Both soulmate partners honor their soul connection and they don’t run from it or deny it. They’re both aware they have come into union for a higher, divine purpose. These types of soulmates help and guide each other and agree to be soulmates for life.

False Soulmates.

False soulmates are very confusing because they appear as true soulmates. And while it may feel like a true soul connection in the beginning, it will quickly devolve into a toxic, confusing mess. These types of soulmates will drain your energy and leave you feeling as if you’ve been run over by a freightliner. True soulmate connections have a spiritual foundation. But a false soul connection will pull your energy down into the pit of hell.

It’s important to be able to identify a false soulmate right from the start. This soulmate type is a master manipulator. And they will drain you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A false soulmate will make you believe you’re the one they’ve been waiting for the whole life. Then they suck the life force out of you. It’s impossible for this relationship to go the distance. A false soulmate is in your life for a reason. It’s to teach you to get away from them as quickly as possible.

Karmic soulmates.

We are only adding a section about karmic soulmates because all soul connections are karmic relationships. Now we’re not talking about punishment and reward karma, but cause and effect karma. We have karma with everyone in our lives. And soulmates particularly have relationship karma to work through.

Some of that karma comes from past life experiences presenting a different version of reality in the current incarnation. Your soulmate blueprint, or contract, defines the different karmic experiences you will have with each soulmate.

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What type of soulmate relationships have you experienced? Our readers would love to read about your personal experiences in our comments section.

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