Soulmate Separation Anxiety

Soulmate separation anxiety is one of the hardest things to deal with in a soulmate relationship. More than likely, you have waited a long time to find your soulmate.

Soulmates only seem to arrive after periods of personal growth. We have always said the best way to meet your soulmate it focus on yourself and your life lessons.

But then it happens. You meet and the stars align. You begin a relationship with the person who you know, with a doubt, is your soulmate.


For a time, everything goes well between the two of you. You spend a lot of time together, talking daily and texting hourly. You both enjoy a lot of the same hobbies and activities.

Even though you spend a lot of time communicating with each other, you share a telepathic connection. And you’re so connected you can think each others thoughts and complete each others sentences. There are times when laying in bed you’re convinced your hearts beat in sync as you feel the love.

Then again, Elton John says it best:

There’s a time for everyone if they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn
There’s a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours


And then, it happens. Out of nowhere your soulmate has to take a break in the relationship. Their company offers them a promotion. But for several months it will mean long hours and working on weekends. You foresee a lonely future ahead as you anticipate what life will be like without your soulmate by your side.

Soulmate Separation Anxiety
Soulmate Separation Anxiety

As the time approaches you put on your brave game face. And you know you will be spending the last weekend with them for a while. You do your best to make it special by making their favorite meal and spending quality time together. You make sure to leave the opportunity for some kick-ass sex as well.

Even though you have a great time that weekend, you can’t help but prepare for a bad case of soulmate separation anxiety. You hope this promotion will be worth it because right now you are convinced it’s going to ruin your life and your love. Now you begin what many call a soulmate separation phase.


Before you allow yourself to go down the path of soulmate separation anxiety, stop. This is your challenge. Believe it or not, this is part of the soulmate contract the two of you made. This is one of the soulmate crisis points for a soulmate relationship.

You are being shown by the Universe you must grow and evolve. Sure it’s painful to be apart from your soulmate, especially to one you have such a strong connection to.

But that is just it, isn’t it? Isn’t your connection, by nature of the soulmate relationship, so strong that it can withstand this period of separation? Be happy your partner is going off to create a better future for himself!

Soulmate relationships are about unconditional love. When we truly love someone unconditionally, we allow that person by nature of our love for them, to do what they need to do grow, evolve, transform or be happy. It’s the very nature of a true soulmate relationship.

Soulmate separation anxiety can make you feel threatened if your soulmate is not with you, not as connected to you or not as communicative with you as they have been in the past. But the unconditional love you feel for that soul should be strong enough to help you see this is just another one of those challenges that come with soulmate relationships.

Whoever said soulmate relationships would be easy? Certainly not us!!! As a matter of fact, you can read about how difficult they are in Why Are Soulmate Relationships So Difficult?


Another form of separation between soulmates is when they break up. Let’s face it, when people say they’re in separation, it really just means they’re broken up.

To set the record straight, soulmates don’t have break up or go through separation. It’s not something they have to go through on their journey together.

Some soulmates eagerly embrace their connection, prepare for and learn their lessons. They raise the bar between them and don’t repeat the mistakes they made in previous relationships. They don’t accept bad behavior and hold one another and themselves to a higher standard.

It’s the ones who resist the connection and succumb to fear and anxiety that experience being in separation. It’s worth noting that most periods of separation are temporary and the couple reunites. So try and keep your soulmate separation anxiety under control.

Instead of letting it control you, focus on what, if any, role you play in this. What do you need to change going forward?

This can greatly diminish the chances of separation happening again and again.

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