Karmic Relationship or Soulmate Relationship?

A karmic relationship and soulmate relationship can feel very similar.

As a matter of fact, it may be somewhat difficult for you to determine if you’re in karmic or soulmate connection while you’re in the middle of it. These relationships are important because you will be working through some of your karmic debt with that person.

There are several types of spiritual connections in our lives, each having a divine purpose. This includes karmic and soulmate relationship experiences.

Do you feel drawn to a certain person?

Was there just something about them that you couldn’t quite put your finger on, but you knew it was there? Did it feel as if you’d known this person before, although you have never met in this lifetime? At the initial meeting did it have a strange mystical kind of feel to it, almost as if you were out-of-body and not quite present?

This is probably a soulmate or karmic relationship.

A soulmate relationship is a karmic relationship, but not necessarily the other way around. Many times, due to the intense connection, people easily confuse a soulmate relationship with a karmic one. It’s easy to project our romantic fantasies on a karmic connection, believing you’ve found a soulmate.

Karmic Relationship or Soulmate Relationship?
Karmic Relationship or Soulmate Relationship?

There are certain criteria that must be met, however, if it’s a true soulmate connection. You should also be aware of signs they are not your soulmate, even though you want them to be.


We have relationships in our lives to heal from our past, whether that be relationship issues, phobias, fears or behaviors. Every relationship teaches us something, whether we want it to or not. Each relationship we have affects our lives to help us grow and evolve.

Whenever we need a life lesson, someone appears to teach it to us. So when you need to heal, grow or evolve, you will attract a karmic relationship into your life. Not all relationships are meant to work out long-term, but you can bet if you’re in a karmic or soulmate relationship you will assimilate a life lesson through the process of knowing and connecting to that other soul. And what a connection it will be!!


Karma is the universal law of cause and effect that says every thought, word and action creates our present reality. It’s also the actions, words and deeds we will work through with any karmic or soulmate relationship we have in our lives. We have karmic relationships in our lives to work through our issues, resolve our problems and expand our ‘selves’.

You agree to these lessons, or karmic experiences, with this other soul, prior to being born. Prior to incarnation you decide, along with your guides and other heavenly administration, exactly what lessons you will learn, how you will evolve and with whom you would have these experiences.

This is why, when you meet that karmic relationship guy or gal, you might feel a slight moving of the earth. You’re having the cosmic experience of a soul level recognition of that other being. This feeling of ‘love at first site’ may in fact be confused for a soulmate relationship.

Regardless of the type of relationship it is, if you have a karmic or a soulmate relationship currently in your life, it’s there for a reason. That reasons is to teach you, so you can grow and evolve to a higher place on your soul’s journey.

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