Your Soulmate Isn’t Always Your Type

Your Soulmate Isn't Always Your Type

Your soulmate isn’t always your type. You may prefer, for example, brunettes with an athletic build and have always found yourself drawn to people of that type. It makes sense why many people assume their soulmate will be the type of person they have always found attractive. Many people discover,…

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Do Your Friends Understand Soulmate Connections?

Do Your Friends Understand Soulmate Connections

When your friends don’t understand soulmate connections they cannot relate to what you are going through with your soulmate. It is really hard to navigate relationships as it is. Friends, co-workers, family members and romantic partners can be complicated relationships. Soulmate relationships are more confusing and emotionally taxing that most…

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Did Your Soulmate Move Too Fast?

soulmates Move Too Fast?

Did your soulmate move too fast? Did your soulmate go from zero to sixty in no time flat? If they did, that would not be uncommon, as soulmates tend to move too fast when they being a relationship. Soulmates, due to their past-life connection with one another and the excitement…

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