Are You Ready for a Soulmate?

Are you ready for a soulmate? Most people think they are. As a matter of fact, many people are sick and tired of waiting for a soulmate to appear in their lives. They feel as if they have been ready for a very long time and are frustrated that a soulmate has not magically appeared in front of them. But are we truly as ready as we think for a soulmate to manifest?

Are You Ready for a Soulmate?

Are You Ready for a Soulmate?

No matter how ready we believe we are, we should try to avoid feeling impatient and entitled. We don’t respond in a positive way to people who are impatient and entitled for the most part, do we? No. So why would we think the universe would respond positively when we are behaving the same way? We shouldn’t. We are not in control of when, where and how a soulmate comes into being. We may believe we are ready for a soulmate but the Universe may not.

It is up to the Universe and it will happen in their time, not ours.

If we try and take too much control over it, we cannot reasonably expect positive results. If we believe in the concept of soulmates and the connection the universe has created, then we must ultimately leave control up to the universe. Sure, there are things we can do to help, such as being open, and making ourselves available rather than staying home, eating bonbons and being a hermit. But we can’t do it all, and although we may be ready, we also may have to learn patience.

If so many people are ready for a soulmate, then why do so many people experience problems when their soulmate does show up? For one thing, many people are caught unprepared for the havoc a soulmate relationship brings with it. They did not know there would be a life lessons and personal growth experiences that must be attained, and in many cases, resist the changes they need to make. They repeat the same mistakes over and over again and instead of looking inside themselves they put the blame solely on their soulmate.

Many people think being “ready” for a soulmate means to just be open to one and willing to love them and accept them unconditionally. To truly be ready for a soulmate one must not just focus on romance and martyrdom. Soulmates are supposed to strengthen each partner and help them become better versions of themselves. The problem is too many soulmates bring out the worst in each other, making them lesser versions of themselves. How can a relationship get better when the individuals involved just get worse and worse? It cannot.

So when you do encounter a soulmate, you may find yourself not as ready as you thought you were for the roller coaster ride ahead of you. Don’t let the trials and chaos drag you down, but instead use the opportunity to find within yourself strength and power you never knew you had.


  1. will I find my true love soon

    • You will have to get a reading for that James. The advisors do not do readings via blog comments or email.

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  3. I think I am bored than ready and willing and able!

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