Do You Idealize Your Soulmate? It’s Time to Stop!

Do You Idealize Your Soulmate?

Do you idealize your soulmate? Many people do, since the strong connection can easily overcome all logic. Intense emotions will cover a lot of their sins and transgressions. Red flags often go ignored because the focus is strictly on the good side of the relationship. It’s so easy to see only their good points and … Read more

Do Soulmates Forget Each Other?

Do Soulmates Forget Each Other?

Do soulmates forget each other? Will your soulmate be able to forget you with the passage of time? Are you worried that if you have no contact with them memories of you will fade? SOULMATES DON’T FORGET EACH OTHER It’s not easy to forget a soulmate. The deep connection between soulmates is such a significant … Read more

Soulmate Status – Keeping Your Soulmate Relationship on Track

Soulmate Status - Keeping Your Soulmate Relationship on Track

Soulmate status can often get stuck. Like every relationship, one between soulmates must also evolve and grow.  If they don’t they get stagnant and will not move forward together in union. Just being soulmates doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a picture perfect relationship and skip off into the sunshine together and live happily ever after. When … Read more

Soulmate Goals for Happy Soulmate Relationships

Soulmate Goals

Soulmate goals are not the same as the popular phrase relationship goals. Many may think they are one in the same, but they are very different. Soulmates goals are on a much deeper level and are about the evolution of each soul. When soulmates meet their goals may not be clear right away. They feel … Read more

The Purpose of Soulmate Relationships

The Purpose of Soulmate Relationships

The purpose of soulmate relationships is not to provide the greatest romance of your life. If only it were that simple. The true purpose of a soulmate relationship is to make each of you a better person. This occurs by bringing about personal change and spiritual growth. They don’t call them “growing pains” for nothing. … Read more

When You Can’t Find Your Soulmate

When You Can't Find Your Soulmate

When you can’t find your soulmate it’s very frustrating. You feel like you’ve been searching for them for a what seems like an eternity. Why haven’t you found them yet? What must you do to find your soulmate? Many of you have either spent a lot of time alone waiting for them to show up. … Read more