Soulmate Relationship Commitment Issues

Soulmate relationships can have commitment issues just like every other relationship.

People are under the misconception that soulmates come into each other’s lives when they are both ready. This is far from the truth. Just because you’re ready for your soulmate doesn’t mean the universe will deliver them right away. Soulmates enter our lives using divine timing.


Often soulmates meet when neither are ready for a relationship. Soulmates may have commitment issues because they have deep rooted fears. They’re bound by their connection. But committing to a soulmate scares one or both of them to death. Commitment is obviously part of the lessons and growth that comes with soulmate relationships. Perhaps they’ve never experienced the kind of love that make them want to commit. And they run from commitment due to trust issues.

Soulmate Relationship Commitment Issues
Soulmate Relationship Commitment Issues

The universe does indeed move in mysterious ways. Perhaps they present the right soulmate to face their commitment issues head on. Soulmates may resist that change or growth. And try to see if they can have a non-committed relationship with their soulmate. If they’re allowed to do that, they will. Staying the same is much easier than making such a huge lifestyle change.


Do you want to know how to get your soulmate to commit to you? Well the answer is to not allow them to have a non-committed relationship. A friends with benefits relationship won’t work either if you’re hoping for a long-term commitment. It’s as simple as that.

What you allow will continue. You may be afraid of losing them and they are afraid of commitment. Those are two excuses. But those two excuses won’t create change and won’t make things better either. You were put in your soulmate’s life to help them deal with their commitment issues (or vice versa). You weren’t put in their life to enable them to stay the same.

If you think your soulmate will wait forever for you to commit to them, all we can say is don’t push your luck. When you least expect it, they will have had enough. Yes even soulmates can have enough! And they’ll cut you off and cut you out. Of course you don’t need to rush into a committed relationship within days of meeting. Although some soulmates do. Within a reasonable amount of time a commitment should be coming.

If your soulmate relationship lacks a commitment, it is time to make the commitment to yourself that you aren’t going to put up with it anymore.

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  1. Yes but when they cut you off they are also cutting out on their kids, Bill’s, responsibilities..
    That soulmate should be man enough to responsibly still take care of his family since hes always been the breadwinner atleast until the other soulmate has found better job and Financial stability.


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