Breaking the Rules in Soulmate Relationships

Is your soulmate breaking the rules? Has your soulmate taken your spiritual connection and used it to drive you insane?When a soulmate is breaking the rules, expect all hell to break loose. Because of the strong connection between souls, there seems to be a tendency to break the rules. But also get away with breaking the rules.


When one soulmate breaks the rules, it’s on them. And they need to take responsibility. However, the other soulmate needs to stay strong by enforcing boundaries. So by letting them get away with murder, it’s on both of them. You are both responsible for breaking the rules.

Breaking the Rules in Soulmate Relationships
Breaking the Rules in Soulmate Relationships

You may think you should let your soulmate break the rules. Even if you wouldn’t let anyone else break those same rules. You figure since it’s your soulmate, you should give them special treatment. That is partially correct. You should give your soulmate special treatment by not allowing them to do things that disrespect the connection.

It’s kind of sacrilegious to see how some couples in spiritual relationships act as if they’re possessed by demons. A lot of these same people think they can act like that and the universe will keep them together. Wrong. The universe is not going to support behavior like that. Nor will they assist in helping a soulmate couple continue to be disrespectful to the gift the universe has given them.


Your soulmate could be breaking the rules by cheating on you or denying your connection. Don’t let their rule breaking cause you to lower your standards. We understand you want to fight for your relationship. And you should. You just have to make sure you are fighting the right fight.

Stooping to lower level behavior is not fighting the right fight. Keep yourself elevated. And let your soulmate learn from the consequences you dish out every time they break the rules. And please don’t think having in depth conversations about how they hurt is going to be enough. Stop being a scaredy cat and get with the program. Your soulmate is supposed to learn lessons that make them a better person. So are you.

You’re not supposed to be teaching them this behavior is okay. You have to learn to stand up for what is right, not accept what is wrong because you’re afraid. Don’t break the rules along with your soulmate. There are some rules that are pretty common for all couples. But each couple has a few unique ones of their own. Honor each other by not breaking those rules, and expecting or dishing out punishment depending on if you are on the giving or receiving end.


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