Soulmates Are Rare

Soulmates are rare and that’s what makes them so special. To feel such an intense connection to another human being is truly an extraordinary experience.

Of course we can have strong feelings of love for numerous people over a lifetime. The love we have towards a soulmate is exceptional.

But not everyone you feel chemistry with is a soulmate. Every person you love is not a soulmate. Soulmates are rare and not everyone gets a romantic one in this lifetime. They certainly don’t get dozens of them either.


It’s very rare to meet someone for the first time and feel you’ve known them forever. There is no awkwardness, the conversations flows smoothly and effortlessly. The pretentiousness is gone and it’s easy to open up with each other.  Conversations get very deep and small talk goes out the window. This is all very common with soulmates.

Many clients tell us they tolerate behavior from a soulmate they would never put up with from another human being. They change after meeting a soulmate. Something inside them stirs, and is now coming to the surface. These are the lessons that come with spiritual relationships. It’s best to face these lessons head on and be open to them. If you don’t, it is going to be painful.

Some of the changes made upon meeting a soulmate are relatively easy to make.

A strong, independent woman, for example, may find herself wanting less independence now that a soulmate has entered the picture. She feels much more comfortable thinking of herself as part of a couple than she has in previous relationships. Her soulmate allows her to spread her wings and encourages her to chase all her goals. Because of the rare bond, it’s common for both parties to change. How they change, whether it be for the better or the worse, is entirely up to them.

Soulmates Are Rare Which is Why They Are Special
Soulmates Are Rare

Many people cling too hard to their soulmate relationship when a break would actually be beneficial. The heightened levels of emotion can cause extreme levels of drama and situations can get way out of hand. Also if certain bad behaviors are accepted or tolerated for too long, they only get worse.

Instead of clinging to something that’s gone off course, it may be time to withdraw for a while. Because of the rare connection soulmates share, time apart between them is not really a bad thing. In normal relationships the term out of sight out of mind may apply. But not with soulmate relationships. The bond always remains, regardless of how far apart they may be. The universe creates this rare pairing and no mere mortal can destroy the connection.

If the relationship becomes too toxic, the bond can be diminished. But in truth, it still remains. It just makes it much easier to deal with. You will always have a special place reserved for your soulmate, regardless of how much time passes since you’ve see each other.


Because soulmates are rare, waiting for a soulmate to materialize can make someone impatient. The universe is in charge of timing. Divine timing determines when the time is right.

You may want your soulmate to appear so you can have the romantic relationship you’ve always wanted. Well, the universe’s prime purpose is not that of romantic matchmakers. They use the pairing of romantic partners to create change, and without that change, you don’t get the romantic relationship you want.

If your soulmate relationship is not going smoothly, it’s time to get real with yourself. It’s time to see what changes you’re both resisting. You many try to blame it all on your soulmate, but it’s your fault too.

You have been using the connection as an excuse to not change your own way of doing, thinking or feeling. Until you get yourself right, the relationship won’t be right. So don’t expect to have the reward without doing some work. Soulmates come at a cost. So if you’re hoping, wishing and praying to be blessed with a soulmate, be ready to pay the price that comes with it.

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