Brokenhearted Soulmates

Brokenhearted soulmates contact us for advice all the time.


Because of the various lessons and issues with soulmates, someone usually ends up getting hurt. Soulmate relationships are not easy relationships in most cases. There can be denial, drama, mistreatment and ghosting, to name a few. All of these lead to brokenhearted soulmates wondering why this is happening to them.

We sympathize with all of you that are going through this, but want to remind you to stay strong.  Right now you’re at a soulmate crisis point, and how you deal with it is key. You can either chose a path that would make things worse, or one that would have a more positive outcome. Let’s look at a few scenarios that may cause brokenhearted soulmates.


This is a tough one. You know the connection is real, yet your soulmate denies the connection exists! They may have at one point acknowledged the connection, but now they refuse to. This has broken your heart, and made you question the connection yourself.

Were you imagining things? Was your soulmate able to break the connection?

First of all, you weren’t imagining things. Secondly, they cannot, and neither can you, break the connection. The problem is, they’re having a hard time dealing with the intensity of the connection.

Their way of dealing with it is to avoid it completely. Pretend it does not exist. It’s their lesson to work through. You can’t plead your case, no matter what you do. Sadly, right now, you have to leave them be. Yes, it’s scary, and we understand why this worries you. However, if you insist on pushing them, you will only push them away. You can’t learn their lesson for them.


This leads to more brokenhearted soulmates than anything else. Most soulmate relationships have a separation at some point. It’s pretty commonplace. The reasons are too many to count, but they all boil down to fear. Fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of losing control, the list goes on and on.

Luckily, most soulmates that separate have the opportunity to reconcile. Sometimes soulmates can’t learn their lessons while they’re together. Their choices make it impossible, so they must do so apart.

Quite often the soulmate relationship ends for no good reason, or a very vague one. Again, chasing is a bad idea, as they will only run further away.

Brokenhearted Soulmates
Brokenhearted Soulmates

We understand you’re heartbroken, but don’t lose all hope just yet.

It may take time, even a long time, but your soulmate may come back. What you do in the interim is crucial. This will either make or break the relationship going forward. Don’t let this time apart destroy you.

Look at yourself instead of daydreaming about them all the time. Look at what you need to learn from this experience and what you need to do going forward. Don’t let your fear guide you, like it did your soulmate. Otherwise, expect another break-up in your future, and another broken heart.


One of you is misbehaving and turning your relationship into a circus. How are you dealing with it? Are you enabling them? Do you make excuses for them? Are you tolerating it with no real consequence for them?

No wonder you’re brokenhearted and sadly your heart will continue to be broken. Cut the nonsense and stop your part in this dysfunctional behavior. Raise your standards, stop lowering them. Enough with just talking, DO SOMETHING. Show them you mean business or the drama will continue.


Your soulmate sees your patterns, and so should you. They base their patterns on yours. And they can clearly see how you’re going to react. They know you won’t find anyone else while they’re in runner mode. And they know you’ll take them back. So why would they change their pattern? They wouldn’t. But if you change your pattern they’ll have to change or adapt theirs.

So, instead of feeling bad because your soulmate broke your heart again, promise yourself you’ll do things differently from now on. This will be much more productive than trying to break your soulmate connection or moving on without them. If you’re willing to take them back when they’re ready to come back, then you really don’t want to move on anyway.

It’s so hard to ease the pain when a soulmate breaks your heart. But instead of just focusing on the pain, look for ways to minimize the risk of it happening again. Look at the role you may have played and what you can do differently going forward. This can help heal your broken heart and mend the relationship as well. Even if your soulmate breaks up with you, you can survive it. Especially if reuniting is in the future.


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