Soulmate Chasers: When Soulmates Chase

Soulmate chasers are people who feel the need to chase after their soulmate runner.

When a soulmate runs, instead of standing still, soulmate chasers do the opposite. There are many ways soulmates can run, and there are just as many ways soulmates can chase.

For instance, if a soulmate runner decides to stop communicating out of the blue as their way running, the chaser then tries everything they can to initiate or force communication. It’s normal to reach out to someone when you are not hearing back from them. But when it becomes obvious they’re deliberately ignoring you, but you keep reaching out, you are a soulmate chaser. They have chosen to leave you alone, and want to be left alone, but you won’t leave them alone.

This never works, so stop doing it. If your soulmate is a runner, no amount of contact from you is going to make the situation any better. You can’t win them back. It’s not going to make them talk to you, explain themselves, or assist the situation in any way, shape or form. All it will do is let them know you still haven’t moved on, or that you are still angry or upset with the situation (and have not moved on).


soulmate chaser
Soulmate Chasers

If you don’t want your soulmate back, then you have no good reason to keep contacting them. If you do want your soulmate to come back someday, you also have no good reason to keep reaching out to them.

Your insecurity is pulling the strings, not your connection. Your insecurity is telling you if you don’t reach out to your soulmate, you will never hear from them again. That is why you do it. Your insecurity is telling you if you don’t keep making contact your soulmate will forget about you. So you keep doing it. Your insecurity is telling you if you don’t keep making contact they will never come back.

You may tell people, and even yourself, that your connection is making you do that, which is a lie. Nothing can truly break a soulmate connection, it is eternal. This can be a source of strength and help one to keep the faith. It cannot be the spiritual connection that is causing you to chase your soulmate, because without insecurity, there would be no need to.

Your soulmate, more than likely, ran because of their own issues with insecurity. Since you are mirrors of one another, it makes sense why your insecurity would cause you to chase after them. Each of you has lessons to learn here. You both have to deal with your insecurity, or the soulmate relationship will always include the runner and chaser dynamic.


Sometimes soulmates must learn their lessons apart from one another. That is not always a bad thing. When soulmates try and work out their issues together it can be a very tumultuous and volatile relationship. A lot of damage can be done in the process. When soulmates are apart, and learn their lessons as individuals, a lot less damage can occur. While apart they are not lashing out at one another, they are not enabling one another, and they are not creating unhealthy relationship dynamics.

There is that old saying “You don’t know what you had until it is gone”. Your soulmate cannot go through the experience of losing you if you are still chasing after them. All you’re giving them is a sense of security that keeps them from learning their lessons, regretting losing you and grieving that loss. You are robbing them of that experience. That is a learning experience you are keeping from them, and one that, if learned, would benefit your soulmate relationship profoundly.

So when your soulmate runs from you, don’t let it turn you into a chaser. They can run to another person, or simply run and hide alone. Either way, chasing after your soulmate will wind up doing more harm than good in the long run.

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