Do Soulmate Relationships End?

On the physical plane many soulmate relationships end. But they can transform into different types of relationships within both the current and future lifetimes.

When we’re talking about soulmates, in the true sense of the word, the relationship is endless. A soulmate relationship is eternal. And soulmates will incarnate with each other over and over again. They do this in an effort to attain the life lessons they have with one another.


The true nature of a soulmate relationship is a karmic one. There is a true purpose to this connection in your life. Whether they be kindred spirit relationships, soulmate relationships or twin flame relationships, we are called to learn and grow from them. This is to support the evolution of our soul.

Do Soulmate Relationships End?
Do Soulmate Relationships End?

Sharing many lifetimes together.

We revisit these same relationships lifetime after lifetime to ensure the growth is there. This is why, when you meet a soulmate, more specifically a romantic soulmate, you have that feeling of instant attraction, love at first sight or the sense you have known this person before. Actually you have known them before just not in this lifetime. It is a past life recognition, or soul level recognition, that creates that feeling or connection when you meet a soulmate.

Since you incarnate with these same souls. who are really members from your soul family over and over again. the soulmate relationship is truly endless. You may be in a romantic relationship with them in this lifetime but that does not indicate you will always incarnate as romantic soulmates. You may be brother – sister soulmates in one lifetime. Or mother – son soulmates the next lifetime. And even teacher – student soulmates in another lifetime.


Many people call us who are currently involved in soulmate relationships or who went through a soulmate breakup. They are seeking clarity for issues that present themselves during the course of the soulmate relationship. These problems, issues and crises you have with your soulmate are the reasons for the soulmate relationship.

Sometimes it can cause a break in the soulmate relationship so each of you can go and learn what needs to be learned. Being in a break period from your soulmate can be very difficult. You can feel a great deal of pain. Being separated from your soulmate can create a great deal of anxiety which we call Soulmate Separation Anxiety.

It is your challenge, if you are truly living from the perspective of your eternal soul, to work through the Soulmate Separation Anxiety. It’s important to stay in your power. Maybe a period of time needs to pass to each learn your respective life lessons before the relationship can continue. Separations from your soulmate are the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth.


Unfortunately we do not learn spiritual lessons when things are going great in our lives. Actually most of us don’t because we are not highly evolved enough. Sadly we learn through pain, like learning how to not touch the stove because it will burn. This is the horrible experience that must be endured when soulmate relationships end. Pain brings growth, emotionally and spiritually. If you are in a break from your soulmate, learn the lesson you need to learn and you have a greater potential for the soulmate relationship to come back together.

Do Soulmate Relationships End?
Do Soulmate Relationships End?

And be patient!

Sometimes it can take a long time for soulmates to reunite, but it is all part of the process. We have seen many soulmate breakups reconnect 10, 15, 20 years later to produce wonderful long-lasting relationships. The truth of the matter is that you have no control over it. You might as well be patient because you can’t hurry it along. Have faith in your soulmate connection. And more than likely, patience, which is one of the most difficult life lessons to learn, is the lesson you are currently experiencing.

Once you learn the lessons with your your soulmate, the soulmate agreement is complete. There’s no spiritual need for the relationship to continue.

Now we understand you may want it to continue because you love them. But from the perspective of the evolution of your soul, it’s time to move on and grow and evolve in another direction.

Many people will experience several soulmate relationships in their lifetimes. Each one of them brings with it vast experiences and insights that put them in the place they need to be. They are much higher evolved versions of themselves, which they would not be without the painful personal growth.


Unfortunately, many times when soulmate relationships end, it’s permanent. Not all soulmate relationships are meant to last. So to answer the question, there’s no guarantee from God, the Angels, Goddess or soulmate fairies that a soulmate relationship is permanent. For the fortunate few however they can be.

We have seen some soulmate relationships continue for the remainder of their lives. We know some who were high school sweethearts, married very young, and 30-years later they’re still together. Their soulmate contract indicated their life lessons encompassed being in a relationship for their entire adult lives. For most of us though, that is simply not to be.

It will take courage and effort to get through a break-up.

When your soulmate relationship comes to an end it can be a very disruptive experience. It will affect you psychologically, emotionally and even spiritually. It’s truly a “Dark Night of the Soul” experience. And it will take you some time to get through it. Working through all the feelings and emotions around the ending of the relationship will take some time. But remember we need these dark nights so we can fully embrace and experience the true light!

When soulmate relationships end, people can become very depressed and detached from life. They stop doing all the things they’re supposed to do such as paying bills, going to work, being around family, bathing and cleaning the house.  The challenge is to stay in your power. Continue to be a productive living, breathing, bathing human. Try to stop this from sending you into a downward spiral of obsession and fantasy. Try to see what you learned from it, embrace it, heal from it and move on.



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