Common Soulmate Life Lessons: Patience, Unconditional Love and Detachment

Soulmate life lessons are a major component of soulmate relationships. If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now, you are definitely aware of that. Life lessons, karmic lessons, spiritual lessons personal growth, however you want to define it. If you’re in, or have ever been in, a soulmate relationship, you have to grow and evolve to a higher place. Soulmate relationships are karmic in nature. And like all karmic relationships, they allow us to work through the karma we have agreed to work through in our soulmate contract.


Many people operate under the false impression soulmate relationships are full of fun and laughter, great passionate sex, picnics in the park and long strolls on the beach. And they do come with these things of course. But if you’veĀ  experienced a soulmate relationship you can agree that it was no picnic. And by their very nature soulmate relationships are not a walk in the park.

Let me say this again. We have soulmates because we agree with the other soul to have and provide valuable life lessons for each other during our existence on the planet. You travel through time with these same soulmates life after life. You help each other learn, grow and evolve into who you are today. Soulmate relationships don’t have to be romantic relationships to provide the personal and spiritual growth. But these relationships provide the greatest opportunities to expand your soul’s work. And it’s the life lessons that make it so.

Common Soulmate Life Lessons Patience, Unconditional Love and Detachment

Common Soulmate Life Lessons Patience, Unconditional Love and Detachment


What are the biggest soulmate life lessons? There are usually three life lessons present in the soulmate karmic life lesson scenario. Those are patience, unconditional love and faith or trust in the Universe. In other words, letting go of the control. Because you can’t control this relationship. When you’re in a contract with your soulmate for a life lesson in patience, the usual scenario is one of you will leave that relationship for a period of time.

You’re probably thinking how can a soulmate leave if it’s a soulmate relationship? Well soulmates are not forever during a lifetime. But they are forever in that you have an eternity with them. You will be together for a while of intense compatibility and spending time together. And then one of you will put on the brakes and either pause the relationship or end it completely.


So how can you have the life lessons if you’re no longer together? That’s exactly when the life lessons begin. The lessons to learn from a soulmate relationship aren’t while you are closely connected with them. It’s how you handle the separation or ending of the relationship. This is where the growth comes in.

Being in the relationship is the easier task. It’s the aftermath that takes courage, faith, fortitude and PATIENCE. Now we’re not saying there are no soulmate life lessons you’re together. Because some of you certainly will. But we will touch on that later. So many times we see soulmate relationships, where everything is going great. And then out of the blue, one of the souls gets transferred overseas or an ex comes back into the picture with a lot of drama. Maybe one of you becomes commitment-phobic due to past relationship baggage and truly afraid trust your heart and emotions. Then again, someone has an ill family member, someone loses a job, whatever the reason…it will be something.


Sometimes the two of you talk and decide to end the relationship or put it on hold. At other times one of the soulmates just disappears without saying goodbye, without saying anything at all. Regardless, one of you will move on while the other is left trying to pull their life back together.

Let’s say for example you’re in a deeply passionate relationship with your soulmate. But unfortunately, they are already married. And so are you. But it doesn’t matter because you both know you belong together. Since you work together you’re able to spend daily time with one another. And you carry on in your equal states of bliss. Then your world comes crashing down because he gets fired. He manages to find another job right away. But it’s on the other side of the country, so he moves away.

You know without a doubt you belong together. And even though it will be difficult, you both decide to make it happen. You tell your husband first and move out. Then wait for him to tell his wife. When he tells her, however, he feels sorry for her and decides to give her another shot. Even though you’re clearly soulmates, he feels he owes it to her and so he stays. And to make sure that he gives it the best shot he can, he tells you he can’t talk to you for at least three months while they try to work things out.


Now what are you going to do? You really have no choice. You’re getting several life lessons here. One in patience. And one in detachment. You’re going to have these two very important life lessons now. Of course it is going to be difficult, how couldn’t it be? You have had your heart ripped out and handed to you on a silver platter. And every day will seem like and eternity until you get to that three months mark when he calls. There’s nothing like waiting on something that is very important to you, that will force you to be patient. And if you’re normally an impatient person, the lesson will seem doubly difficult. But obviously you need it in your life now.

You will also have to detach from the situation. If you call him, text him, email him, do meditations to draw him to you, you will only make yourself more miserable. Because he won’t respond. And for God’s sake, don’t someone to do reuniting spells. It’s NEVER a good idea. Detach and do something else. Go somewhere, learn a new skill, take a dance class and find your connection to God and the Universe. And don’t dwell on the situation. You have no choice.

Detach to get through this period of time because you can’t control or manipulate what’s happening. You have to patiently wait on him. Now we are not suggesting you sit by the phone and patiently wait for the phone call. Get up, live you life, do what you have to do and get on with your life. Whether he comes back or not, you still have to experience these life lessons of patience and detachment. Because it’s the only way you will get through it.


So where does the life lesson of unconditional love come in? Well, again probably not in the way you may envision. Let’s say you finally reach the three-month mark and “Oh Happy Day” your soulmate is going to call. When the call comes you are not prepared for what you hear. Your soulmate tells you he has decided to stay with his wife. WOW!!! You are stunned! You are hurt! Your friends are stunned. You weren’t prepared for this. But if you do the lessons of detachment you will be in a much better space.

Now you must let go and move on. Letting go of a soulmate relationship is hard because you of your soul connection. You wonder if he will ever forget you. How could he? He is a soulmate. And even though the two of you aren’t togetherĀ  in this lifetime, you are still together spiritually. And you will be again in some future lifetime.



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